Summer Reading 2020


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Summer reading is here! The fun starts July 6th and lasts through August 7th. We have a summer of fun and reading planned for the Hampton community. Just like everything else, summer reading looks a bit different this year. For the health and safety of our community, patrons, and staff many parts of our summer reading program will be completely digital. Click the links below to  summer reading events at the Lane Library.


Read & Feed Program to Benefit Local Charities

July 6th thru August 7th

Read To Feed DonationAs we welcome patrons back to the Lane Memorial Library this summer, we will be trying something new with our adult summer reading program.  In light of the hardships being experienced by many, we will be hosting a special “Read And Feed” funding drive to benefit area food pantries.  Once again patrons may pick up a reading ticket at the library, but this time instead of receiving a small prize after finishing 4 books we ask that our faithful readers donate an amount of their choice to our food drive.  Money collected in this way will be divided equally at the end of our reading program and delivered to the St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry, the Salvation Army Food Pantry, the First Baptist Church of Hampton Food Pantry, and the Hampton UMC Family Fare Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen.  Game cards will be available in the library vestibule beginning on July 6th.  While the library is closed to foot traffic, the completed cards may be placed in a sealed envelope along with a donation (checks may be made out to "Lane Memorial Library") and returned in the book drop.

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Sign-up starts July 6th. Open to children age 3 through kids entering 6th grade. (If you/your child are entering 6th grade, you have the option to sign up for EITHER Children's SRP or Teen SRP.)
Read more about programs, find  bingo card sheets, and more on the Children's Room summer reading page.

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Click here to sign up for Teen Summer Reading 2020 & Mini-Camps
Sign-up starts June 15th. Open to incoming 6th graders & older who live in Hampton or are students of WHS.


Mini-camps will run between 3-4 days for around two hours. These camps provide a fuller exploration and instruction into creativity and fun. Teens will have access to Instructors who will provide guidance and expert knowledge in their field of study. We hope to expand our teens’ understanding of that field. At the end of camp, we look for our teens to produce a body of work they can feel proud of. Mini-Camps this year are: Castles in the Air and on the Table, Virtual & Augmented Reality World, Dungeons & Dragons on Discord. All mini-camps that are held in-person will follow health and safety guidelines as mandated by federal, state, and local officials. Parents are required to read the Parent Letter, sign a COVID Waiver, and affirm that they have read all state Stay At Home 2.0 Day Camp Guidelines.

Read, Learn, Explore

There are many different ways that we learn. That's why we're encouraging summer learning through a wide variety of adventures all summer long. Learning activities are grouped into categories: Read, Write, Create, Explore, Play, and Give. A full list for each category & recommendations can be found on our website or create your own. Read 1 book or do an activity that equals at least 1 hour of time. The last day to turn in your activities is August 6th. Log your activities on your tracking sheet and receive a gift card to Stillwell's Ice Cream or Dunkin Donuts when you complete it.

Follow the link to the teen summer reading page for more information about mini-camps, to find tracking sheets, and more.

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Lane Memorial Library Summer Reading is generously sponsored by The Friends of Lane Memorial Library.