Dexter Dexter

Double Dexter book jacketOne of our more popular television series on DVD that you can borrow here at the library is "Dexter," now available through season six, with season seven soon to come. Dexter is a serial killer, but don't judge him too harshly just because he likes to kill people. He's really quite a loveable killer - the kind of guy you'd invite over to dinner or to spend time with your children perhaps. Although some of the people he interacts with might come over to play as well, and you wouldn't want that. You see, Dexter only kills evil people, and some of those evil people can take exception to his actions, which lead to some very interesting plot lines. If you're a fan of the even more popular "Breaking Bad," "Homeland" or "The Walking Dead," (all of which we stock) but haven't seen Dexter, give him a try some day.

For those of you who are already Dexter fans, did you know that there is also a series of novels about Dexter? Most Dexter fans have no idea, but there are now six novels by author Jeff Lindsay, who dreamed up the character in the first place. His writing is deliciously witty, but the best part - for this Dexter fan - is that reading his novels is like entering a slightly parallel Dexter-universe. Dexter is still Dexter, but you get to learn a lot more about the way he thinks than you do from watching the show, and he comes off as just a bit different. A little bit funnier, as well as a little bit less loveable. Many of the characters from the TV show are also present. Some take on larger roles, while others who have major roles in the show are rarely mentioned. But the best part is that some of the characters who have died in the show are still alive and kicking. Like Doakes, for example. He's the same unloveable character but, and how shall I put this, he's not quite all there. At least after the second book in the series that is. And wait till you learn about Rita's kids Astor and Cody. They are not at all the same children.

I don't want to risk giving away any big spoilers so I'll stop right there. But if you like suspenseful plot lines with interesting characters, introduce yourself to that loveable serial killer Dexter Morgan.

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