Lane Memorial Library New Addition

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By Vern Colby

Seacoast Scene, November 7, 1984

Bill Teschek, Librarian

Certain characteristics of the citizens of a town may be discovered by observing such units of civilized life as school, churches, parks, and public libraries. Public libraries arc the pick here, because, as of the moment, a pleasing and proud structure connecting to the original Lane Memorial Library building is emerging, graceful and dramatic as a whale rising from the water.

After chafing refusal, more than once, to consider more expensive propositions, the Hampton Town Meetings of ’81 and '82 set aside substantial monies in a capital reserve fund for future library construction. On Saturday, March 12, 1983, at the high school, Article 13 was approved, authorizing the town to raise and appropriate a total of $1,223,000., for building and equipping a library addition. The total sum by article statement to come from bonds or notes, the capital reserve, contributions and fundraisings, and accumulated interest on sums gains between establishment and expenditure. The vote showed pride and buoyancy of spirit: Yes 586, No 91.

Librarian Bill Teschek says that the earliest opening date for the new, improved, enlarged Lane Memorial Library cannot be before February. Even should it be later than that, it would not be inappropriate, after all, spring is the time for beginnings.

The affirmation of the town for the library building program does show positive attributes of the citizenry. Initially, there were caution and frugality until the plans were refined. Then the strong affirmative vote brings out the love of learning that is strong in Hampton -- and the excellent school system is another mark of that. Hampton also loves libraries; the Lane is a busy, bustling place -- lots of folks meet friends her for a hello and cheerful talk.

In some details of the town article, a challenge may be seen -- a sum was anticipated to be raised by contributions and fundraisings.

Bill Teschek feels that whole effort displays community cooperation. Look at the make-up of the Building Committee: (seven members) Selectman, Library Trustee, School Board Member, Lawyer, Developer, Bank Director and a Friend of the Library. These were the supervisors, working with the Library trustees and the architect and contractor. The group working on furnishings is a similar cross-section of appropriate skills: Trustees, Librarian, Architect, Friends of Library.

As of the moment, a pleasing and proud structure connecting to the original
Lane Memorial Library building is emerging, graceful and dramatic.

For fundraisings the effective groups are: Staff, Trustees, and the Friends of the Library. Lots has taken place: A fund-solicitation to the public and business by the Trustees. Sales of Ralph Morang’s book of photographs. Las Vegas Nite at the Club Casino. The third Antique Show. A Fashion Show. Many others ... and we acknowledge that efforts by a number of individuals and businesses should be stronger-credited.

In the same way, the donations of individuals and business houses and service organizations have been impressive and heart-warming.

The Librarian says: “The new Lane Library will be a much more interesting and inviting place to visit and use. Much more room for everyone -— remember that it’s built to handle about a generation’s growth. We see much use being made of the 100-person capacity meeting room. The size represents a quadrupling of what we’ve had.”

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