The Hamptons Union, June 25, 1925

Hampton News

Little Edward Hanson cut his foot quite badly while playing, Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Pierce of Five Corners entertained the weekend guests, Mrs. Piece's father, sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Berni H. Mills of Providence, R. I., and Mr. W. J. Pennington of Pawtucket, R. I. Mrs. Berni H. Mills sails for Europe for the summer months, taking in all the countries of interest. Mr. W. J. Pennington took his grandchildren back to visit Ernest L. Pierce, Jr., and William F. Pierce will spend the summer as his guests. Mr. Pierce owns land at Mass., in Mt. Hope Bay.

Mrs. Lisle Drew, with her little son Ernest, and daughter Esther, returned to her home in Union, New Hampshire, after a two-week visit with her mother, Mrs. Martha Locke.

Mrs. A. R. Church opened her home for the summer, on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moore and family have moved to the Elmwood for a short time before going to their home in Whitefield, for the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Leavitt went to Hanover on Saturday to attend the Commencement Exercises of their son, Mr. Lawrence G. Leavitt, who was graduated this year from Dartmouth with the highest honors that can be given.

The closing of the colleges for the summer have brought Isabelle Thompson home from Laselle, Dorothy Hobbs , Russell True and Leslie Cummings from New Hampshire University, Leonore Lane from Smith, and Mr. Wheaton Lane from Princeton.

Wednesday afternoon the Mother's Circle held a very successful food sale on Mrs. Ed Langley's lawn. The proceeds are to buy a new easy chair for the Hampton Room at the Exeter Hospital, as a start for refurnishing it now the hospital has been enlarged.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Melzar Dunbar was the scene of a very pretty June wedding Saturday at high noon. The bride was Mrs. Carolyn Matthews Wilson and the groom Mr. Glenn Harrison Noyes of Tunbridge, Vermont. The decorations were very prettily arranged by Mrs. Helene Huckins. Dainty refreshments were served, after which the bridal party left for an extended trip through the White Mountains. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr. Eno of the Baptist church.

Miss Mary Toppan with her two nieces Wilma and Elizabeth spent Thursday and Friday in Boston.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. William Cash entertained Mr. Raymond Redfield, Mr. Fred Earl and Mr. James Cash of Springfield, Mass., who had been attending the New England Insurance Agents' Convention held at the Hotel Wentworth, at New Castle, Wednesday morning. Mr. Redfield was the chief speaker before the convention body. In the afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Cash took their friends for a motor trip to Somersworth, Mass.

The Hospital Tag Day drive netted $75.25 and thanks are due to Mrs. Lawrence Hackett, Mrs. Harry Munsey, Mrs. Elmer King, Master Herman Lane and the Misses Elsie Paulson, Beatrice Howe, Ernestine Towle, Wilma Toppan, Gertrude Carlson, Marion Noyes, Constance Tobey and the two little McCaughey girls, who were the efficient solicitors for the town and beach.

Weekly band concerts in this village will begin early in July. A band stand will be erected in the Depot Square from which the concerts will be given each Monday during the season.

The What-So-Ever Mission Circle of the Congregational church was held at the home of Mrs. Addie Brown, Saturday afternoon, with Mrs. Christopher Toppan assisting. Eighteen of the young members were present and carried out their program and sewing in a very interesting manner.

Thomas Cogger is in Miami, Fla., his real estate interests in that city requiring his presence. He will be absent from Hampton about ten days.

At the last quarterly business meeting of the Baptist church, a vote was taken to undertake quite extensive repairs and improvements on the church property. This property being very centrally located, we feel confident that every person in Hampton will be glad to have a part in bringing about these much needed improvements on both church and parsonage.

Saturday, July 4, will be Defense Day. In order that some recognition of the day be given in this town, the Board of Selectmen and Capt. Warren Clark have arranged a program of exercises to be held in front of the Casino, Hampton Beach. The band will play appropriate music, an address will be made explaining what Defense Day means and why we observe it, and there will be Community singing.

Mr. Cyrus Clark, accompanied by James W. Barton, of North Hampton motored to West Swanzey, to visit the New Hampshire Pythian Home, and later motored to Northfield, Mass., to visit friends of James W. Barton, and spending the weekend there. A most enjoyable time was had at both places.

Hampton Beach:

The Companions of the Forest of America of the state of New Hampshire opened their 13th annual convention at the Ashworth here Tuesday morning at 9:30. Reports of the committee on the state of the order were read and accepted. It was reported a total membership of 1,075 throughout the state. During the year 1924 sick benefits to a total of $3,295, and death benefits to a total of $2,125, were paid.

The grand officers present were: Past Chief Companions Annie Joyce and Nellie Lyons of Nashua, Mrs. Margaret Clark of Concord, Mrs. Mary Higgins of Peterborough, Mrs. Mary Ryan of Portsmouth, Mrs. Mary Dowling of Manchester, Supreme Deputy, was also present.

The officers in charge of the convention are Grand Chief Eva Sutton of Derry; Grand Sub-Chief Ella Veil of Exeter, Grand Recording Secretary Mary Buzzell of Concord, Grand Financial Secretary Mary Cone of Nashua, Treasurer Nellie Philbrick of Portsmouth, Marshall Elizabeth Sheridan of Claremont, Supervisor of Laws Mary Carroll of Keene, Right Guide Virginia Jarvis of Peterborough, Left Guide Julia Stanton of Wilton, Inner Guard Mary M. Dowling of Manchester, Outer Guard Mary Bailey of Derry and Trustees Lena Damsell of Exeter, Catherine McAvoy of Portsmouth and Alice Cleary of Claremont.

At the meeting Tuesday the following committees were selected: Credential, Mary Cne, Florence Butterfield and Elinor Hopey; Distribution, Jennie Raymond, Jennie Marsden and Helen Kurty; Laws, Annue Joyce, Mary Regan and Margaret Clark; Acts and Decisions, Mary Guinan, Anna Shaw and Mary Hayes; Printing and Supplies, Eva Sutton, Ella Veil and Mary Cone; State of Order, Mary Ryan, Eunice Simonds and Mary Stetson; Finance Mileage and Per Diem, Mary B. Dowton; Press, Margaret Hallisey, Catherine Maloney and Louise Blanchard, [?]ling; Mary Higgins, Julia Stanling and Mary Buzzell.

The delegates include the following: Gertrude Pelton and Margaret Magher of Manchester; Eunice Symonds of Keene; Carrie Barrett, Mary Ryan, Bridget Heelan and Elinor Hopey, Portsmouth; Margaret Hallisey, Mary Guinan of Nashua; Elizabeth Thurston, Anna Shaw and Helen Kurtz of Exeter; Mary Hayes and Catherine Maloney of Concord; Florence Butterfield and Louise Blanchard of Derry; Mary Stetson Evelyn Garceau, Ada Carlisle and Margaret Reynolds of Claremont.

The Philathea class of the Calvary Baptist church of Lawrence held an outing here Wednesday, with headquarters at the cottage of Mrs. Charles Pringle at Boars Head. Games, stunts and seashore novelties were enjoyed, with a dinner at the Hotel Lawrence on A street. The committee in charge comprised Mrs. Wm. E. Pedlow, chairman of the social committee; Mrs. Fred Greenleaf, president; Mrs. Arthur Wellman, vice-president; Helen Snow, treasurer; and Mrs. Warren Dearborn.

The annual Pilgrimage of the Dewitt Clinton commandery, Knights Templar, of Portsmouth, to Hampton Beach, took place here on Wednesday. This pilgrimage is an annual St. John's Day affair. The group left Portsmouth by busses and automobiles at 9 A. M. and arrived at the beach shortly before 10 o'clock. From 11 to 12 o'clock a luncheon was served at the Hotel Ashworth and at 2 o'clock sports and a baseball game between the Portsmouth DeMolay chapter and All Stars of the Portsmouth Sunset league. The annual banquet was served at 5:30. James E. Whalley, eminent commander, was in charge assisted by secretary Rugg.