The Hamptons Union, April 30, 1925

Hampton News

The Oceanside Grange will hold their meeting this week, May 1st.

The Ladies' Aid of the Congregational church will meet with Mrs. Cash, Tuesday, May fifth, at two o'clock. Come and bring your ideas with you.

Due to the death of his father, Cyrus G. Clark, an employee of the Howard Lane Co., left Tuesday morning to attend funeral services at his home in Bristol, N. H.

Rockingham Lodge, I. O. O. F. has been invited to attend divine worship next Sunday morning at the Baptist church. Every member is requested to be at Odd Fellows hall at 10:00 a.m. sharp, Sunday morning to don regalia and form the line of march to the church. Rev. Mr. Eno, the pastor, has prepared a special sermon for the occasion.

Mrs. Russell Leavitt and her young son, Frank spent the latter part of the vacation with her mother in Wollaston.

Little "Bobby" Nudd with his mother, Mrs. Everett Nudd, spent his vacation with his grandmother in Merrimac.

Mrs. Andrew Paulson went to Boston, Mass., on Thursday, and also visited with relatives in Somerville, Mass.

Hampton responded very generously to the first organized canvas for the Salvation Army. Last year a number of prominent men met to discuss the ways and means for the worthy cause of the Salvation Army to be put on a budget basis. It was decided to have each city and town chose their committee and on elected days to carry on the work. In this manner the continued door to door canvas by the Army members could be dispensed with. Fourteen solicitors were chosen to represent Hampton and their efforts netted $225.70, which Mr. Cole as treasurer of the drive has turned in to the Salvation Army Headquarters.

Monday afternoon, May 6th, the Monday Club will meet with Mrs. Arthur Ward.

The Mothers' Circle meeting listed for Wednesday May 6th in the Year Book is to be postponed to Wednesday afternoon, May 13th. The programme is a Fashion Show and a cordial invitation is extended to every lady in Hampton to be a guest of the club that afternoon. The meeting will be at the Center school at 3:30.

Tuesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. William Cash entertained a party of 19 young people at dinner, the occasion being Mrs. Cash's birthday. The long table was beautifully decorated with jonquils and crepe paper of the jonquil colors. Dainty place cards assisted the guests to find their places. Each lady guest was given a beautiful jonquil favor. After the dinners, catered for, by Mrs. Thomas Hobbs of the Cozy Corner Tea Room at the beach, and served by the hostess and the young men guests, the party repaired to the barn loft, which had been decorated in the rainbow colors. Here to the music of a victrola everyone enjoyed an evening of dancing. Mrs. Cash received many lovely birthday remembrances, among them a pair of beautiful silver candle sticks given her by her dinner guests.

Week before last Miss Ruth Barker, of Montclair, N. J., and Mrs. Katherine Hammond of West Rindge, N. H., visited their parents, Rev. and Mrs. R. S. Barker, at the Methodist parsonage. Mrs. Alberta Hammond accompanied her mother, and making four generations present. All the pastor's family were at home, and it was quite unusual for a baby to visit three great grandparents in the same home at the same time. Wm. Ralph Hammond came for Mrs. Hammond and Alberta on Saturday, the 25th of April.

Tuesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Kierstead held a formal opening of their enlarged way-side lunch room and doughnut factory. The place was gaily decorated with strings of colored lights. The kitchen and lunch room were inspected, then a musical program was enjoyed. A number of selections were sung by a male quartet, Mr. T. H. Kierstead, Mr. Harry I. Caswell of Portsmouth, Mr. William Redman and Mr. J. Gilbert Haley of Exeter. The Romany Quintette of Portsmouth, made up of piano, violin, mandolin, guitar and banjo, played some splendid numbers throughout the evening. Mr. Harry I. Caswell sang a solo and the programme was closed with part song. Mr. and Mrs. Kierstead assisted by their sister Mrs. Higgins served hot coffee and doughnuts. The large party who had gathered wished the enterprising young couple their sincerest wishes for success.

The cantata and pageant given at the Methodist church last Sunday evening was a great success. Thus have we finished the story of Christ's life and Crucifixion begun in the Christmas cantata. The church wishes to thank all those who took part in the Pageant. The work of the out of town folks was certainly appreciated. Miss Colwell's wonderful rendition of the "Earthquake Music," Miss MacLaine's splendid solo, "Rest Three, Oh Redeemer," in the garden before the tomb was very effective. Mr. Norman Leavitt sung "Follow Me", in an appealing way to the disciples asleep in the gardens, and later to Peter, "Hast Thou Denied Me, Oh Still Art Thou Mine," brought tears to the eyes of many.

We very cordially thank Mr. A. J. Morse and Mr. Harlan Teague for their kindness in installing the lights, and Mr. Mortonson of Hyde Park, who very skillfully manipulated them. The lighting was the crowning success of the affair. The choir girls and Miss Godfrey require particular mention in their faithfulness in attending rehearsals, and aiding in every way possible with music, decorations and costumes, and in the various parts they so successfully played in the cantata, thus making it possible to put on the Pageant.

Y. M. C. A. Boys' Conference

As announced in last week's issue of the Union the Boys' Conference, held under the auspices of the County Y. M. C. A., is to be held this coming Saturday and Sunday.

At 9:00 A. M. the visiting boys will register at the Congregational church, at 10:00. This is to be followed by a song service led by Mr. Sokolaski of the Y. M. C. A., a prayer by Rev. John Cummings and an address of welcome by Paul Hobbs, president of the local Hi-Y. There will then be an address by the Rev. Lawrence Barber of Nashua, who will speak on "His New Day."

Following lunch, which the boys will have at the homes in which they are to be entertained, they will re-meet to hike to the beach. Here, at 3:15, a baseball game is scheduled to take place between the Hampton Academy and Epping ball teams.

At 7:00 P. M. a bang-up banquet to be held at the Hotel Ashworth, where there will be good music and excellent speakers. Mr. Lee H. Brown, secretary of Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, will be the principal speaker.

On Sunday morning, it is planned that the boys will attend the Congregational church at which place they will be addressed by the Rev. H. McBride. The parents are invited to attend the Baptist church, where they will be addressed on the subject of "The Responsibility of Parents to Children."

The committee arranging the Boys' Conference hope that the townspeople will get behind this event to make it a huge success. If any have not yet indicated their desire to entertain one or more boys over night, they are urged to get in touch with one of the local ministers immediately.