The Hamptons Union, April 16, 1925

Hampton News

There will be an opening at Kierstead's Doughnut Factory, on April 28, at 7:30. There will be singing by a male quartette, mixed voices and solos. After which doughnuts and coffee will be served. Everybody invited.

The Rockingham County Christian Endeavor Union will meet at the Congregational church Hampton, on Thursday, April 23. The morning session will open at 9:30 and the afternoon session at 1:30. Dinner will be served at noon by the young people at a cost of thirty-five cents. Everyone is cordially invited to attend.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver W. Hobbs announce the marriage of their son, Horace E. Hobbs, to Miss Miranda E. Brooke, on Friday, April the tenth, nineteen hundred and twenty-five at York Village, Maine.

The ladies of Hampton are very cordially invited to a demonstration at the Grange hall, on Wednesday, the 22. Miss Alice Day of Exeter, the home demonstrator, will be present to teach the ladies basketry. This is to be an all-day meeting. Dinner will be served at noon, for twenty-five cents.

Mr. Howard M. Lane entered the Exeter Hospital Monday, and was operated on Tuesday morning, by Dr. Nute.

Regular meeting of Ocean Side Grange, Friday evening, April 17. There will be work in the first and second degrees.

The Glee Club from the New Hampshire University, will give a concert in town hall, Saturday evening, April 18. Admission, thirty-five cents. Children twenty-five.

The Ladies' Aid of the Congregational church will meet at Mrs.True's, Exeter road, at two o'clock on Tuesday afternoon April twenty-first. Help equal or exceed the good attendance of last meeting at Mrs. Lucy Marston's.

Mr. Harold Beedy, a student at the New England school of Theology, will supply the pulpit at the Adventist church Sunday.

Last night, following the regular prayer meeting at the Advent church a special meeting was held by members from all the churches, under the leadership of Mr. Hoyle, special representation of the Salvation Army.

A local committee was organized to make a drive for funds. This is to be the first of regular annual drives and the Sallies will solicit in no other way in Hampton in the future.

The drive is to take place Sunday afternoon and Monday, April 26 and 27. Names of solicitors will be published next week in the Hampton Union.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Winship and son, Paul of Reading, Mass., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Ross on Sunday.

Mrs. J. Parker Blake of Norwood, Mass., is visiting her son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Blake.

The Monday club will be the hostess to the different clubs in town and Executive Boards of Portsmouth, Exeter, Rye and Hampton Falls next week. A lecture will be given by Supt. Harry Moore and singing will be given by Mrs. Coombs and Mr. Brennan of Dover. Mr. Brennan is a tenor singer of reputation, having sung before the radio broadcasting station in the Shepard stores. The committee is Mrs. Olney, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Gookin, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Batchelder, Mrs. Wingate, and Mrs. Coffin.

Mr. and Mrs. William Hill of Waltham, were weekend guests in town.

The Parent-Teachers' Association held a very successful meeting, Monday evening. There was a large attendance and all felt well repaid for their effort in attending as they listened to the lecture on Americanism by the Commissioner, Mr. Butterfield, and singing by Mr. Norman Leavitt. Light refreshments were served. The result of the bread contest by the 7th and 8th grade girls was examined.

Wednesday afternoon the Mothers' Circle held its annual children's party at the Center school. The Auditorium was well filled with happy little youngsters. Mrs. John Rowe of Exeter was the entertainer of the afternoon and as she told the fairy stories, illustrating them with the dolls dressed in fancy costumes, their little eager faces watched her constantly. Her daughter, Miss Vivian Rowe, played some selections on the piano and violin. The hostesses of the afternoon were Mrs. Margaret Noyes, Mrs. Bessie Hamilton, Mrs. Carrie Scott and Mrs. Addie James. After the programme the children went down stairs and were served their party of ice cream cones and cookies.

Mrs. Alma Scoog of Dorchester visited with her daughter, Mrs. John Cummings over Easter.

Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Esterbrook, of Berlin, have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Moore for the past week.

The What-So-Ever Society of the Congregational church will meet at the Elmwood, Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock with the Misses Mable and Thelma Paige.

Mr. and Mrs. William Hill of Waltham spent Easter with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Godfrey.

Miss Annie Akerman, who recently sold her house on Lafayette road to Albert Hall, has moved her goods and will make her home with Mr. and Mrs. John Payson Blake. A month ago she resigned from the employ of the J. A. Lane Co. The resignation taking effect on Wednesday of this week. She had been with the firm for 14 years.

Miss Evelyn Shaw, who is attending the Normal school in Keene, will spend this week-end with her parents.

Mrs. James Hutchings is visiting her sister in Lynn, Mass.

The tickets for the Beach Fire Department banquet and dance are all taken up. If any one desires to be present at this important occasion he must procure a ticket at once. None will be offered for sale after the 25th.

Thursday evening the Camp Fire Circle held a meeting in their new rooms. Miss Anna Conner, District Director of Camp Fire Girls of Exeter was the speaker, explaining the origin and meaning of the Camp Fire work. Miss Mabel Brooks is the guardian of this circle. All the young girls over 10 are eligible to join. The work teaches the young people to appreciate their opportunities and their rewards of merit are shown in the strings of beads which they must earn. Every mother who has a young daughter is cordially invited to attend a meeting. The meetings are held every Thursday evening in the Relief Corp and G. A. R. rooms of the Odd Fellows Block.

The Executive Committee of the Men's club have completed arrangements for the next meeting on Monday evening, April 20. As announced last week the speaker will be George A. Wood of Portsmouth, speaker of the House of Representatives. The supper, which will be served at 6:30 o'clock for fifty cents a plate, will consist of hamburg loaf, mashed potatoes, sweet-corn, rolls, ice cream, cake and coffee. All men are invited.

The Easter concert at the Baptist church, Sunday evening, was from all reports appreciated by those who attended. The program was simple but full of the Easter spirit. The musical selections were appropriate and well rendered, and the children performed their parts well.

The W.C.T.U. will meet with Mrs. Lillian Roberts on Friday, April 17, at 2:30.

Just to remind you of the Jubilee Minstrels night at town hall, April 21, and at Seabrook, April 22.

The Methodist choir with the help of the other people of that church, will give another story cantata, or Pageant, on April the 26th, 1925. All of the characters will be gowned in the costumes of Biblical times as they were in the Christmas cantata. Among the special features, Norman Leavitt will sing, and Miss Annie Colwell of Hyde Park, Mass., will assist Miss Godfrey on the organ and piano. We very cordially invite all the pastors and their congregations of all the churches, also any others who would care to come. The title of the cantata is "A Pageant of the Resurrection." Time will be stated in next week's Union.

Tuesday evening the Ladies' Aid of the Baptist church gave a baked bean supper with all the fixings, salads, rolls, coffee, cake, pies, Kai-Ta-Etepa. It was a successful venture both socially and financially.