New Parochial School Construction Starts

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Hampton Union, August 30, 1962

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Construction of an eight grade parochial school and convent located on property to the rear of Our Lady Of The Miraculous Medal church got underway earlier this week.

Father Matthew Casey said work was expected to be completed on the two structures in time for the opening of school for September of 1963.

At the same time, Father Casey announced the construction work had been awarded to the Caron Construction Co. of Manchester. Architect for the project is Andrew Isaak also of Manchester.

The main school will consist of construction of eight classrooms immediately with provisions for expansion to 12 at a future date. The school will also contain a nurses room, principal's office, lobby, kitchen, cafeteria and a 80 by 100 foot auditorium gymnasium. The building will be two stores high with four classrooms on each floor.

The structure itself will consist of brick in keeping with the present construction of both the nearby Centre school and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal church.

Preliminary work this week has consisted of excavation for the two buildings and the installation of drain pipes and fill. A drainage system has been connected with that at Tuck Field during the past week.

Father Casey said an announcement will be made in the near future concerning dates for registration of all pupils through the first five grades for the September 1963 school session. Dates will be set either in September or early October of this year giving all persons desiring to do so the privilege to register.

Although the school will comprise eight classrooms, the number of actual grades will depend upon the number of persons registering and the availability of teachers for next year.

Plans will be formulated during the winter months and prior to September for the school sessions. Father Casey also said details are presently being finalized for possible construction of a rectory on the church property at a later date. These plans are presently only in the planning stages.

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