Staff and Students React to Retirement

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Many Are Surprised and Saddened by the News

By Kim Newcomb, Blue Beacon Reporter

The Hampton Academy Blue Beacon

Volume 1, Number 1, December 12, 2006
Hampton Academy Principal Fred Muscara works in his office. The students and faculty were saddened by the news of his retirement in October.

The news about Mr. Muscara's retirement surprised both students and faculty throughout the school. In talking to students and faculty around the building, it is obvious everyone appreciates what he has done for our school. He was once the assistant principal at Winnacunnet High School and he retired from there. He came out of retirement so that our school could have a principal. We are very grateful he made that decision, but now it is time for him to go back into retirement.

Personally, I think he did great things for the kids and was a very nice principal. I wish he wasn't leaving, but that's the way it has to be. Here's how people reacted when they heard the news of his retirement.

"It is very disappointing," said seventh grader Alex Cox.

"Wow! He's retiring? I'm surprised," said seventh grader Erin Morrissey.

"I don't want him to retire. He was the best principal and he shouldn't retire," said Justine Miles.

"I'm sad to see him go because he did great things. I wish him well in his retirement," said sixth grade math teacher Mrs. Collins.

"I'm going to miss him because he has done such a wonderful job," said science teacher Mrs. Warburton.

"I am sad because I'll miss him, but happy because he deserves it," said Mrs. Bowen, a guidance councilor.

"I'm actually pretty bummed in a selfish sense, but I'm excited for him. I don't know what I'll do without him," said eighth grade social studies teacher Ms. Hamilton.

"I am very sad because Mr. Muscara started when I did at this school, but I'm glad he gets to travel," said guidance councilor Mrs. Caron.

"We're sad, but a wise man once told us, `it is what it is'," said Mrs. Booth and Mrs. Zadravec.

"He'll be missed," said sixth grade case manager and wrestling coach Mr. Mackenzie.

"I'm sad to know he's leaving, but I know it's in his best interest to be with his family. I'm disappointed, but glad he came out of retirement to help us. He deserves to be with his family again," said physical education teacher Mr. Benincasa.

"He's cool," said sixth grader Jessica Kahigian.

"I think it's kind of upsetting. I like him even though this is only my first. year here. I am sad because I didn't actually get to know him well," said sixth grader Hannah Marggraf.

"It's sad and upsetting," said seventh grader Amy Strong.

"I like Mr. Muscara and I'm sad," said seventh grader Hannah Legacy "He has been my friend for the two years I have been here, and 1 don't want him to leave because a new principal at my last year is kind of uncomfortable," said seventh grader Michael Newman.

"He's a great principal and it's going to be hard to replace him," says Frank Duran.

"It will be different for everyone not having him around," said David Sheehy.

"I don't really know because this is my first year here, but I will miss him. I think he's really a `behind the scenes' person and his work is appreciated," said sixth grader Sam Bonsaint.

"I'm sad to see him go, but I'm happy for him and a little jealous," said Mrs. Frost.

"I'm happy for him; his retirement is well deserved. I am happy he gets to go to Germany and visit his grandkids. I'd like to go to Europe!" said Mr. Tierney.

"I think it's his time to retire," said eighth grader Josh Moulton. It sounds like the school does not want him to go, but they figure it's for the best!

Good luck in your retirement Mr. Muscara!

We're all going to miss you!

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