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Hampton Academy Welcomes New Assistant Principal

By Liz Premo, Atlantic News Staff Writer

Atlantic News, Friday, September 2, 2005

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News]

WELCOME TO THE ACADEMY -- Hampton Academy's new Assistant Principal, Lynne Joseph (above right) gets acquainted with parents Jackie and Joe McCoy, whose daughter Mercedes is a seventh grader at the school. (Below) Eighth grade student Carlie Beckhusen extends a warm welcome to her school's newest administrator. Joseph says her philosophy consistently focuses on "what's best for the children," and she predicts a successful school year ahead.
[Atlantic News Photos by Liz Premo]

HAMPTON -- Walking into the main entrance at Hampton Academy (Middle School), one can sense that change is in the air — and it’s not limited to the name of the familiar red brick building on Academy Avenue.

The first clue that there’s something new is in the display case immediately opposite the doors that lead into the school. Among an ethereal smattering of tiny metallic stars set against a swath of white gossamer fabric is a series of little "hands" rising up from below — reaching for the stars.

In each hand there is a star; each star has printed upon it a word with a positive message: Smile, grow, team, succeed, create, give, imagine, laugh, patience, care, simplify, believe, achieve, trust, humor. Stacks of books, a telescope, a framed copy of the school’s Mission and Vision Statements, an HA T-shirt and a proclamation that "we’re having an education celebration" in a place "where staff and students excel and parents and community care" complete a simple yet profound picture which conveys a hopeful and affirming outlook for the year ahead.

It’s no accident that the scene in the display case makes this unifying statement in such a decidedly creative way. The person who put it together has an art background as well as a firm commitment to education. She is also Hampton Academy’s new assistant principal, Lynne Joseph.

"It’s going to be a good year," she says. "People are really excited about coming back."

Hampton Academy provided an opportunity for members of the HA community to welcome Joseph at a get-acquainted gathering held last week in the school cafeteria. Though turnout was fairly modest, parents who came to meet her seemed glad to have her on board, and are also anticipating a successful year.

Julie Moore of HA’s Community Council said she is "just delighted. There’s a lot of new staff; we’re moving ahead in a new direction." She added the middle school philosophy "has a bridge" that provides "a smooth transition" into high school.

"This school is the hidden jewel in Hampton," said Jackie McCoy, whose husband Joe told Joseph, "You have my full support. We look forward to a great year."

"I hope you have a very successful career here," said Moore.

An educator since 1985, Joseph comes to HA from Timberlane Regional Middle School, where she was a technology teacher. Prior to that she taught elementary readiness up to grade 6 in East Derry for five years before switching to teaching art in middle school in Derry.

She has also taught at St. Thomas Aquinas in Derry; in Manchester while filling in for a colleague on maternity leave; and taught workshops at the college level. A resident of Manchester, Joseph received her MEd with a concentration in curriculum and instruction from Lesley College, and just received her Certificate for Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) from the University of New Hampshire.

Joseph is finding her new position at HA, which officially began this summer on July 1, to be an exciting one.

"I love it here," she says. "I’ve been here morning, noon and night." She says she and Principal Fred Muscara "share the same philosophy — what’s best for the children." Whatever they happen to be discussing, she says, the question that stays on the forefront of their minds is, "Is that best for the children?"

"That’s what I hear from the teachers too," says Joseph. "They love middle school kids."

Regarding those kids, Joseph declares, "They’re great people, they’re smart, they work hard. You have to be positive with them. [You] have to help them make the right choices."

Joseph says her goal "is to get in the classroom as often as possible. I’m not one to just sit in my office and do work. I want to be able to communicate" with students as well as their parents. And, she says, "I love sports and music; I’ll be attending everything."

Making the connection with her colleagues and her students has been a priority since coming aboard SAU21.

"The teachers are great," says Joseph. "Everybody’s so positive. I’ve met a lot of the kids too; that’s the best part. We have a lot of positive things going on." She stresses the importance of getting all parents involved in their children’s education, which in actuality is a joint effort all the way around.

"Everybody plays a part in it;" she says. "We all have to work together to make it a success."

That’s a goal completely shared by Muscara. "We’re looking forward to some great things," he says, reiterating "she and I share the same philosophy: what’s best for the kids — all kids. We’re going to do our best to make this school a super place for the kids."

To contact Assistant Principal Lynne Joyce or Principal Fred Muscara, call Hampton Academy at (603) 926-2000.

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