Chapter 23 photographs

Chapter 23 Photographs

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Civic, Fraternal, and Community Organizations

(Note: Page numbers are from Mr. Randall's book.)

Camp Fire Girls

Page 804: Camp Fire girls: Gladys Mace, Janet Ward, Mary Gookin, Lorraine Lindsay, Mabelle Perkins, Flora Johnson, leader Miss Mary Pollard, Bernice Glidden, Fannie Towle, Helen Tolman, and Vivian Wood. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 804: Twenty-fifth meeting of the April Birthdays Club, a group of mostly Dearborn Avenue residents. Front row, left to right: Elizabeth Brown, Alzena Elliot, Hazel Coffin, and Marion Magrath. Standing: Norman Coffin, Sam Brown, William Elliot, Bradbury Brooks, and Leavitt Magrath. Courtesy Leavitt Magrath.

The Hamptons Post 35, American Legion

Page 809: American Legion float and the town hall, 1938 parade. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Oceanside Grange, No. 260

Page 810: Grange float, Hampton Beach, 1918. Dorothy Hobbs, Phillip Blake, Esther Scott Seavey, Minnie A. Palmer, Ruth Leavitt, Marion Noyes, and Arthur Noyes. Driver is Frank Brown. The North Shore Hotel was at the corner of Ocean Boulevard and Winnacunnet Road. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 813: Minstrel Show cast, primarily Beach residents. Front row, left to right: Mr. Tilton, Ed Langley, Clara Dudley, Mrs. Tilton, Mrs. Langley, Cecil Morse. Second row: Mr. Drew, Mrs. Drew, Mrs. Hobbs, Ken Ross, Gert Lamb, Elvena Ross, Mildred Mahoney, Third row: Percy Brown, Dan Mahoney, Gladys Janvrin, Tom Hobbs, Billy Lamb, Gert Hobbs, and Jimmy Janvrin. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Exeter-Hampton Lodge No. 2075, B.P.O. Elks

Page 813: Members of the Exeter-Hampton Lodge of Elks from left are: James Dawson, J. Walter Hollis, and Herbert Casassa. Courtesy Glyn Eastman.

Boy Scouts of America

Page 815: Hampton Cub Scout Pack 177, ca. 1945 standing in front of the replica log cabin built at Meeting House Green. From left are: Peter Tilton, Paul Damour, Dale Elliot, Raymie Clark, Clifford Tolman, George Strout, Charlie White, Art Moody, Dave Lovejoy, Kent Ford, Richard Seavey, Jon Lovejoy, Kelvin Dalton, Irving Jones, Guy Sturgis, Neil Moore, Glyn Eastman, Al Moody, Barry Lougee, Richard Moaratty, Kenneth Kee, and Bobby Dorn. Courtesy Arthur Moody.

The Meeting House Green Memorial and Historical Association

Page 816: Sophonia Dow, with daughter Lizzie Stoodley, left, and Mary A. Brown, 1916. The house was on Meeting House Green and was an early parsonage. Courtesy Lorraine King Brown.

Page 818: Elsie and Horace Batchelder unveiling the plaque, Founder's Park, October 14, 1925. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 818: Founder's Day parade, 1925. Charles M. Batchelder standing in the old Congregational Church pulpit, with James Perkins on right and Fred B. French of North Hampton, left. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 820: Golden wedding anniversary of Horace and Elizabeth Hobbs, July 3, 1917. From left, front row, seated: Stillman Hobbs, Ellsworth Hobbs, Howard Hobbs, Esther Scott, Luella Hobbs, and Eleanor King. Second row, seated: Aunt Lizzie Brown, Horace and Elizabeth holding Kendall King. Third row, standing: Russell Hobbs, Ardena Hobbs, Lillian King, Elmer King, Harriet Goodwin, Doris King, and Oliver Hobbs. Back row: Ed Lewis, Henry Hobbs, and Harrison Hobbs. Absent were Walter Scott, and Hubbard Goodwin and Horace Eastow Hobbs, both of whom were in World War I service. Courtesy Stillman Hobbs.

Hampton Monday Club

Page 827: Monday Club luncheon at Palmer's Restaurant, North Beach. Courtesy Ansell Palmer.

Hampton Mothers' Circle

Page 829: Past Presidents' Night, Hampton Mothers' Circle, 1957. Front row, from left: Isabelle Bourgeault, Mary Howe, Marilla Brown, Mary Blake, Jessie Myers, Jessie Toppan, Elsa Johnson, Anna Elwell, Mildred Young, Alice Norton, and Helga Clay. Standing: Constance Kelly, Virginia Blake, Virginia Bailey, Barbara Bogrett, Elizabeth White, Eleanor Dennett, Edith Cunningham, Dorothy Smiley, and Ruth Snider. Courtesy Eleanor Young.

Camp Fire Girls

Page 830: Camp fire girls and Miss Mary Pollard, leader, at Hampton River, with White Rocks Island and the Mile Bridge in the background. Courtesy Ansell Palmer.
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