Chapter 11 photographs

Chapter 11 Photographs

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Fighting Fires

Fire Departments for the Village and the Beach

(Note: Page numbers are from Mr. Randall's book.)

Page 392: Hampton's original firefighting apparatus in front of the town hall. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 394: The Hobbs barn (which survived the fire), built before the Revolutionary War and still standing. Horace Eastow Hobbs is on the horse and next to him are his mother Ardenia Blake Hobbs and his father Oliver Washington Hobbs. Courtesy Horace Eastow Hobbs.

Page 401: The beginning of the 1915 fire with the large Janvrin Hotel at center. All of the buildings at the right of the smoke were destroyed. Photograph by Frank Walker. Courtesy Ansell Palmer.

Page 401: The 1915 fire underway with flames destroying the Fairview at left and the Janvrin at center, hidden behind the smoke. Note furniture removed from buildings piled up on the sand. Photograph by Frank Walker. Courtesy Ansell Palmer.

Page 402: Spectators view the remains of the Ashworth after the 1915 fire. Courtesy Gertrude Palmer.

Page 402: The remains of the Ashworth are in the foreground, St. Patrick's Church in the background. Photographs by Frank Walker. Courtesy Ansell Palmer.

Page 403: St. Peter's-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, built in 1912 on the north side of Highland Avenue, was the first church on Hampton Beach. Constructed at a cost of $3,500, its only rector was Reverend Charles W. Tyler of Haverhill, Massachusetts. George Ashworth was active in the building of the church, which was destroyed in the 1915 fire. Courtesy Jewell Brown.

Page 403: After the 1915 fire. Third from left, George Lamott; fourth, Marvin Young; sixth Harry Elwell; seventh, Jasper Myers; and eighth, possibly Elroy Shaw. Courtesy Jewell Brown.

Page 405: Alexander H. Brown, the first full-time Hampton Beach fire chief. Courtesy Stanwood Brown.

Page 408: Hampton Beach Fire Station, 1928. At left, standing beside the chief's car, are Chief Homer Whiting and John C. White. In the front of the next vehicle (possibly the Kissel engine) are Charles Huckings and Perley George with Floyd Gale and William Stickney, Sr., in the rear. Next in the front seat of the Ahrens-Fox engine are Roy Hitchcock and Fred Lorenz with Percy Annis, Allen Grey, and Randall Young in the rear. Next in the front seat of the Dodge Bros. engine are George Lamott and Harold Erwin with Everett Nudd and Roger Perkins in the rear seat. With the White engine, fourth vehicle from the left are Marvin Young, Clinton Durant, Ralph Wiggin, Percy Brown, Daniel Cushing, and Joe Coram. Courtesy Stanwood Brown.

Page 413: Town hall fire, March [19,] 1949. Courtesy Leavitt Magrath.

Page 413: Aftermath of the Hampton Town Hall fire, March [19,] 1949. Courtesy Leavitt Magrath.

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