Chapter 1 photographs

Chapter 1 photographs

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The Hotel Era

Hampton Beach


(Note: Page numbers are from Mr. Randall's book.)

Map 1857 : Hampton, from the 1857 map revised in 1876. Note location of Bound Rock, "Sandy Point," the Ocean House (with a dot below it indicating Nudd's), the Logs, Low (North) Beach, and High Street, then called New Cut Lane. Courtesy William Plumer Fowler.

Preface page : Dories in front of the fish houses, North Beach. Photograph by Kirby Higgins, courtesy of Gertrude Palmer.

Page 2 : The Leavitt Homestead at North Beach, ca. 1890. The house is now the Windjammer Motel; the barn was torn down in 1988.

Page 3 : Great Boar's Head, from Philip Carragain's map, 1816. This is perhaps one of the first advertising sketches done in New Hampshire. Drawing indicates stone walls on the Head itself, with a flock of birds overhead. The house could be the abode of Daniel Lamprey, built in 1806. At left are the fish houses and at right are people walking on the beach. Courtesy Wayne P. Bryer.

Page 3 : Another early view of Great Boar's Head, ca. 1823. The second house could be "The Winnisimmet" or "Winnicumet House," built in 1819. Courtesy Wayne P. Bryer.

Page 4 : Map, Hampton Beach, 1892, from the N. H. City and Town Atlas.

Page 7 : Early view of the Boar's Head Hotel, ca 1800s. Courtesy New Hampshire Historical Society.

Page 8 : Coach and guests at the Boar's Head Hotel. Courtesy New Hampshire Historical Society.

Page 8 : Early view of Hampton Landing and Nudd's Canal, with haycocks dotting the marsh. Nudd's Salt Works was across the river at left. Photograph by O. C. Towle, courtesy Hampton Historians, Inc.

Page 11 : Page from the Boar's Head Company (Hotel) first-year register, 1826. Courtesy Carl C. Bragg.

Page 11 : The Eagle House, built in 1830 at Boar's Head, and probably the oldest house still standing at the Beach. Robert Nudd.

Page 12 : Thomas Nudd's house [built 1826] with the barn behind, which was the first Beach fire station and Precinct gathering spot. Courtesy Gertrude Palmer.

Page 12 : John W. Locke's Store, behind the Casino, near the marsh, Hampton Beach. Courtesy James K. Hunt, Jr.

Page 14 : Broadside for Boar's Head Hotel, leased from David Nudd by his son, Joseph, and son-in-law, Alfred J. Batchelder, 1844. Courtesy Wayne P. Bryer.

Page 15 : Photo album identified this scene of happy young women as being at Hampton, probably south of Great Boar's Head. Photograph by Mary Toppan Clark, ca. 1890s. Courtesy Wilma Toppan White.

Page 18 : Tourists and dory, with the Ocean House in the background and Cutler's buildings at right. Note summer house and cottages to the left of Ocean House Buildings at the right of the Ocean House burned in the 1885 fire. This is one of the earliest photographs of Hampton Beach and dates to before 1885. Courtesy James K. Hunt, Jr.

Page 18 : Guests and coaches outside the Ocean House, the Beach's largest hotel. Courtesy New Hampshire Historical Society.

Page 24 : John G. Cutler, Hampton Beach hotelman, 1899. From the Hampton Union, courtesy Arthur Moody.

Page 25 : Cutler's original Sea View, which burned in 1885. Courtesy James K. Hunt, Jr.

Page 25 : Cutler's Sea View, built after the 1885 fire. Courtesy James K. Hunt, Jr.

Page 26 : Leavitt's Hampton Beach Hotel was a Great Boar's Head landmark for half a century. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 26 : Tourists on Leavitt's Piazza, 1881. Courtesy MGHMHA.

Page 28 : Colonel Stebbins H. Dumas, pioneer Hampton Beach hotelman, from The Granite Monthly, July 1896.

Page 28 : Hotel tallyho coach, serving the Hotel Whittier, Cutler's Sea View and the New Boar's Head Hotel in the pre-trolley era. Courtesy Wayne P. Bryer.

Page 31 : Footrace, Ocean Boulevard, Leavitt's and Great Boar's Head in the background, ca. 1880s. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 32 : Stereopticon view of Great Boar's Head across the marshes from Winnacunnet Road. The Granite House is on the north side of the Head; also note the Eagle House and Leavitt's. Courtesy Wayne P. Bryer.

Page 32 : Page from July 1838 register, signed, "Hon. J. Q. Adams and Lady," likely the former president of the United States who lived in Massachusetts. Courtesy Carl C. Bragg.

Page 34 : View north to the Leavitt Homestead along Ocean Boulevard, 1908. This is the so-called Beach driveway (today's Ocean Boulevard North), built in 1892. [Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury] Street railway tracks at right. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 35 : View south to Great Boar's Head along Ocean Boulevard, 1908. [Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury] Street railway tracks at left. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 36 : Granite House and Boar's Head Hotel, S. H. Dumas, prop. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 36 : After the original Boar's Head Hotel burned, Dumas remodeled and expanded the Rockingham Hotel, calling it the New Boar's Head Hotel. Note Worledge Cottage at the top of the drive. Courtesy Wayne P. Bryer.

Page 38 : The Leonia, High Street, from The Granite Monthly , July 1896. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 38 : View north on Ocean Boulevard, just north of Boar's Head, ca. 1902. Note the Aiken Stone Cottage at left. Courtesy MHGMHA.

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