Faith Community Advent Christian Church

Chapter 22 -- Part 4

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The Advent Christian Church began sometime in the 1860s with a group of believers who came together after hearing the preaching of William Miller, who emphasized Christ's second coming in the 1840s. The group adopted the name "Adventists" because they were looking for the second advent of their Lord. They became the Advent Christian Church, observing Sunday as the Lord's Day. The Bible was used as a guide for faith, doctrine, and the practice of Christian life. Piety and baptism by immersion were requirements for membership.

In 1871, Simon P. Towle of Hampton leased a piece of land on High Street for $15 a year to the church, and they built a chapel there. On January 18, 1877, the Advent Christian Church of Hampton was officially organized. In 1885, the land was officially leased for 5 years at $12.50 a year. In March 1897, they purchased it for $40. Through the years, improvements were made to the chapel.

In October 1967, the brick house adjacent to the church was purchased for a parsonage. In September 1975, the name Faith Community was added. The church still retains its affiliation with the Advent Christian General Conference of America. The church has held regular services for worship, Sunday School, and weekly prayer and praise meetings. It has supported missionaries and, not long ago, a pastor to Taiwan as a missionary. Another former pastor is preparing to be a missionary in Japan. In the 1960s, the church young people joined in the Seacoast Youth for Christ at Hampton Beach. Since 1974, college students with the Campus Crusade for Christ at Hampton Beach have attended the church in the summer.

{During the summer of 1989, a second parsonage (120 High St.) was built behind the first parsonage (122 High Street).}

  -—Grace V. Philbrick


James L. MacLaughlin 1905-1911
Frank Hooper 1911-1912
J. F. Longland 1912-1916
Frank Long 1917-1918
A. B. Thompson 1919-1924
Frederick Viggers 1926-1929
Elvyn Blackstone 1930-1931
A. R. Mead 1932-1934
James L. MacLaughlin 1935-1940
Harold J. Wilson 1941-1943
Lorne Ross 1944-1945
Z. Richard Henley 1945-1947
E. H. Timberlake 1947-1949
Leonard L. Boston 1950-1955
Raymond W. Grasser 1956-1958
David Johnson 1958-1960
Roland C. Kimball 1960-1969
Philip Barton 1970-1973
Gerald Bailey 1973-1977
John Guess 1977-1978
R. Stanley Piepgrass 1978-1979
Douglas Parrish 1980-1981
David Marshall 1981-1984
David Walker 1984-1986
Rex Hutto 1986-1991
Rex Hutto & Bob Lovejoy,
Bob Lovejoy 1991- 
Brian Abasciano, (Sr. Pastor) 1998- 
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