"Be Prepared" -- 1940 Style

Hampton Auxiliary Police -- March 29, 1942

"BE PREPARED" -- 1940 STYLE -- World War II Men's Auxiliary Police. The arm bands read "Auxiliary Police Hampton" and the time was March 29, 1942. These Hampton men were deputized during World War II for patrolling the town in coastal blackouts and air raid alerts. They are shown on the old wooden porch and steps of what now is the [Hampton] District Court House (formerly the Hampton Grammar School, American Legion Post 35 Hall, Hampton Fire Department Station #2, First Public Kindergarten.) entrance.
Front row from left: Morrill A. Paul, Herbert A. Casassa, Scott W. Paul and John A. Churchill.
Middle row from left: Thomas H. O'Brien, Norman M. Coffin, John B. Scruton and Cecil R. Seavey.
Back row from left: Robert O.A. Elliot, Edward S. Seavey Jr., J. Arnold Hammond, Fred R. Batchelder and G. Roland Janvrin, Jr.
[Photo courtesy of Mrs. Gwen (Paul) Aubrey via Hampton Academy & WHS Alumni Association.]

They Patrol By Night

Hampton Auxiliary Policewomen

Hampton Union, April 1942

FEARLESS FEMMES are these Hampton auxiliary policewomen who, with their 20-inch "billies" and right-arm insignias, are patrolling territory east of Lafayette Road with other Hampton defense officials from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. every night to see that motorist co-operate 100 percent with the new seacoast dimming-of-the-lights regulations.

Other wartime duties of this corps, believed to be the only one of its kind in any city or town in this section, are enforcement of prohibitions on trespassing; guarding of bridges, blocks and factories; traffic duty to facilitate the movement of essential vehicles; prevention of looting of partially demolished shops and homes; as assistants to air raid wardens; protection service before and after a raid. This corps will be under the direct supervision of the State Civilian defense council.

In the group are (back row) four sisters, Miss Sara Hadley, Mrs. Dorothy Cate, Mrs. Mary Howe and Mrs. Caroline Joubert; (center) Mrs. Evans Brown, Mrs. H. Elwell, Mrs. J. Hayden and Mrs. Charles Palmer; (front) Mrs. N. ?Coffin, Mrs. H. Munsey, Mrs. F. Gale and Mrs. Jerome F. Harkness, wife of Hampton's police chief.

So, should you see a rather formidable figure heading ;in your direction some night as you stroll along the Hampton shoreline -- don't shrink into a violet nor head for the nearest raid shelter -- it's Hampton's women auxiliary police force on the job!

These women patrolled the streets of their neighborhoods enforcing blackout laws and other special rules in effect during the war. Both the women and the men wardens received Red Cross first-aid training and they conducted simulated emergencies for training.

[Photo by Kirby Higgins and courtesy Helen Worledge Hayden.]