Ward's Crossing -- Stop .. Look .. & Listen

(A Trolley/Railroad Crossing)

By John M. Holman, Contributing Writer

Wards Crossing Looking North
Here is Lafayette Road (Route #1) looking north, where the BOSTON AND MAINE RAILROAD and the EXETER, HAMPTON & AMESBURY STREET RAILWAY cross, known in the early 1900's, as WARD'S CROSSING, now known as Shaw's Bridge, between the General Moulton House and Tidewater Campground. The home pictured may be the Ward family homestead.
Wards Crossing Looking South
Later, Shaw's Bridge was built over the railroad tracks, but before the overhead bridge was built, a Flagman would flag the approaching trolley or other vehicles to a stop as a train was approaching. The "Flagman's Shanty" can be seen at the left of the photo above, to the left of the cross arm which says, "STOP ... LOOK ... LISTEN". The trolley car in the picture at right may be stopped at the crossing. In this view, we are looking south down Lafayette Road.