Two Weeks Vacation In Maine

John M. Holman, Contributing Writer

Growing up in Hampton, I worked on my folks' vegetable farm after school and during the summer school vacation. As a teenager, they thought I should have a vacation from the farming just before school started again in the Fall. Or they just wanted some peace and quiet from me, so they gave me 2 weeks off every year for a number of years.

So I'd get on a Greyhound bus, after purchasing my ticket and leave for my 2 weeks vacation and my destination was Rockland, Maine on Old County Road. Yup, that's right, I'd spend those glorious 2 weeks with my favorite Aunt and Uncle.

It was a fun time and it was when Uncle Ed worked for Clarks' Florist Shop in the center of town and they lived out in the country. I would investigate the quarries and the "will-o-the-wisp" light we would see every evening and never did explain what it was.

Jay, remember you'd get up early on Sunday mornings and bake those delicious Pop-Overs? They were SO tasty and would just melt in your mouth! I would love to have the recipe.

Yes, the 2 weeks went by fast and before you could say "will-o-the-wisp", it was time to board the bus back to Hampton and school.

I had a good time; I hope you two, did too! I remember and I thank you for my annual 2 weeks vacation! (I always wondered whether my folks had to pay you to take me for those 2 weeks???)

PS: Oh, yes, I almost forgot... There was one other event I would like to mention. I remember when Uncle Ed and Aunt Jay would return from a trip to Boston, I think, to the Flower Market or a Flower Show. They always brought my mother, who was Ed's sister, some type of plant. They would stop a while for a cup of tea or lemonade and he would play our old piano . . . no music, just play it by ear. I thought it was so amazing.

They were always welcome at Wayside Farm and we always hated for them to leave for home. My father and Uncle Ed always used to talk "shop" like in growing things. They got along great, like 2 brothers.

I shall never forget them. I guess you could call them "My Heroes".