The Thomas Nudd Homestead

Compiled By John M. Holman, Contributing Writer

The oldest dwelling on Hampton Beach south of Boar's Head, built in 1826 by Thomas NUDD, has started its journey to a new location on North Shore Road in Hampton. It was recently sold and was cut in two and will make the trip in two sections and then restored to its original architecture.

William D. Cram in a story about early Hampton Beach in the August 12, 1937 issue of Hampton Union, had the following to say about the Nudd Homestead:

"....... In 1826, the same year that David Nudd and company built the Boar's Head Hotel, Thomas Nudd, his nephew, perhaps foreseeing that this might become a favorite summer resort, built a one-story house at the point where the sandy beach begins, a house which was later greatly enlarged and made profitable in the way of renting rooms and furnishing dinners by his son, Oliver, who also added stabling to his other business. Here ended the first line of electrics (Exeter Street Railway) run to the beach in 1897, but the next year continued to the new Casino built that year. Discarding the stabling business, Mr. Nudd's descendent, Kenneth Ross, conducts a large garage once part of the ancestral land."

The late Rev. Roland W. Sawyer, spent his honeymoon at Hampton Beach from June 30th to July 3rd, 1898 and occupied the middle room on the second story of the Tom Nudd house, and had the following to say in one of his columns 'History of Earlier Hampton',: 'The house was the first built on the lower beach and the only private house built anywhere, though up by Boar's Head there were summer hotels. Tom (Nudd) had a large barn and put up for a quarter a day the horses of family parties coming to the beach. He also had a good well and supplied water for people camping on the beach or along the marsh."

And so with the re-location of this famous Hampton Beach landmark, the ever-changing history of Hampton Beach is written into the history books.