Old Hampton Roads (& Localities)

By Anna May Cole -- 1952

Edited by John M. Holman, Contributing Writer

Geary Hurd's farm

"GUINEA was so named because Edward Shaw who owned the homestead, later called the Corrant Place, now occupied by H. S. Inman, kept Guinea pigs and pastured them in the field opposite his house (now Geary Hurd's grazing pasture on Timber Swamp Road. See photograph.)

"But an elderly former resident of 'Guinea' has told me that she always had been told that the region was in early times the home of wealthy people who had many gold guineas; so the region was called GUINEA. (Ed.: Take your choice!)

DRAKESIDE ROAD ..... Running west from Meeting House Green (Park Avenue) is the road through SMALL GAINS woods called DRAKESIDE (ROAD) which got its name from Abram Drake who in 1686, settled on the homestead now owned by Albert Violet (1952).

"BLAKEVILLE got its name from the many Blakes living there. (Mill Road in the vicinity of Barbour Road, formerly called BLACK SWAMP ROAD.)

"BACK ROAD (now Mill Road) led to Portsmouth by a devious path. It went up HEMP PLANE HILL (Stand-Pipe Hill), then on through IRELAND and BLAKEVILLE, then on to LOB'S HOLE ROAD in NORTH (HILL) HAMPTON, past the old shingle mill, which gave it the present name of MILL ROAD.

"FORE ROAD ran from the center of town, through GILES SWAMP straight to Portsmouth, being part of the stage road from Boston to Portsmouth, now called LAFAYETTE ROAD (Route 1). (FORE ROAD was also known as MAIN ROAD.)

"SLEEPER'S TOWN or SLEEPYTOWN ran from Winnacunnet Road to Five Corners, now named LOCKE ROAD.

(Ed.: There is a fine line between legend and historical fact; therefore, it is difficult sometimes to distinguish between the two.)

"OLD HAMPTON ROADS" was written by Anna May Cole for the annual meeting of the Meeting House Green Memorial and Historical Association, Inc., on October 16, (Founders' Day) 1952.