Olde Names of Hampton Localities

By John M. Holman
Contributing Writer

Where are they now? ....... Vittum's Corner, Hemp Plane Hill, Drake Side, Plain Lots, Great Lots, Brown Park, Small Gains, Guinea, Huckleberry Flats, Blakeville, The Pines, Bride's Hill, Nook Lane, Nilus Brook, Little River, Rand's Hill, The "Ring", Wolf Hill Fort, Jonty's Lane,

And, The "Shunpike", The "Causeway" (or "Cassy"), Wigwam Row, Bound Rock, Norsemen's Rock, Black Swamp Road, Nut Island, "Mile-Long Wooden Bridge", The "Green", the Sea Gates, Ward's Crossing, Haunted House Curve, Back Road, Main Road, Great Ox Common, Toppan's Corner, Whittier Junction, Ship Rock, Frog Pond, Jed's Ditch and "WINNACUNNET" is now a road and also a former name for HAMPTON. It is also an old Indian name which means "BEAUTIFUL PLACE OF PINES".

All these names of localities were part of Hampton at one time or another, but through the years, have gone the way of the RCA (Radio Corporation of America) Victrola and "His Master's Voice". Gone, but not forgotten in the "good old days!"

Look here to find out where many of these locations are today.