Holman Talks To 'Neighbors'

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By Sgt. John M. Holman, U.S. Army, Germany

Hampton Union


AUGSBURG, GERMANY -- The newest thing in correspondence with people across the ocean has been my off duty activity during the past few months. I joined an organization which corresponds with other members throughout the world via Tape-Respondence (The exchange of recorded tapes on reels.)

This organization is called Tape-Respondents, International, and was founded by Fred Goetz of California some time ago. I became interested in this new type of organization after I purchased a tape recorder in the Post Exchange. I sent a letter of inquiry to Mr. Goetz, and was soon furnished a list of members with addresses and their interests and hobbies. T-R-I, as it is commonly called, has today approximately 300 members, including 22 foreign countries, and growing every day.

Sgt. Holman & wife, Connie, taping a message to the folks back home.

The object of the organization is to promote friendship and goodwill among the English speaking peple everywhere. Together with my wife, Connie, we have "tape-responded" with many members in the United States, Europe and Asia. The majority of. the people with whom I tape-re- spond overseas in Europe are service personnel like myself, but most of the ones in the States, are common every-day people who realize the importance of the tape recorder in order to better understand the other person's way of life and to endeavor to improve world conditions through the medium of tape-recording.

Tape-Respondents, International is a non-profit organization of congenial men and women who like to make friends by exchanging "talking letters" with people all over the world, and the only requisite for membership is ownership or access to a tape recorder or wire recorder, as the case may be. In order to join T-R-I, all one has to do is complete an application blank, giving personal data and individual interests. A list of fellow members is then sent and the new member then sends recorded tapes to whomever he desires. It's as simple as that.

Tape recording is much easier than writing letters, for they provide a more personal touch in corresponding with people that you have never met face to face. It's one of the best methods I know of spreading good-will and providing understanding among people of foreign lands as we]l as right in the United States.

I invite anyone interested in joining Tape-Respondents, International, to contact Mr. Goetz by letter or postcard for free details. Write Fred Goetz, Box ####, San Francisco, 10, California, listing your profession, hobbies and interests and he will send you a directory of members with a list of their hobbies and interests and recorder types, plus a manual on how to prepare and send recorded tapes.

Let's all get behind T-R-I and help spread the real meaning of Freedom and Peace all over the world and at the same time make new friends through Tape-Respondents, International. [Written in 1952]

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