Looking Back to 1951

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Reminiscing with the Holtzhuer/Steiner Families

Compiled by John M. Holman

John at the Gablingen Kaserne in 1952

"Finni" in August 1951 at 11 years old.

Children from Gersthofen lined up for the Christmas Party outside Service Company Mess Hall at Gablingen Kaserne, December 1951.

On the left is Josefine Holtzhuer, rear and sister Antonie in front, with other friends.

John and Josefine Holtzhuer at the Service Company's
Christmas Party for the Children of Gersthoven, 1951.

Stu Halverson and John Holman
with Emma & Josefine at the Christmas party.

"You should address the ball!"
"How do you do, ball!"

Connie waiting for the Augsberg trolley to the Mall.

Connie waiting for the 2 o'clock Matinee
at the Capitol Theatre.

Cpl. Holman and his body guards in Gersthofen, 1952.
Antonie ("Toni") and Josefine ("Finni") Holtzhuer in their yard in Gersthoven.

Josefine ("Finni") caught off guard by the photographer.

"Finni" dressed for a Sunday afternoon.

Antonie ("Toni") also dressed for a Sunday afternoon in their yard.

A bike ride in Gertshoven with Stu Halverson, John Holman & "Toni" Holtzhuer, 1952.

Cpl. Holman ready for a weekend pass.

"Toni" and "Finni" all grown up in 1965.

"Toni" and "Finni" all grown up in 1965.

On the left is Josefine's grandmother "Oma", Katharina Bachmair who passed away December 3, 1971. She was the grandmother of Josefine & Antonie, and the great-grandmother of Sigrid ("Sissy") Steiner. Finni & Doti's mother is Josefa Zerle and lives at Winterstrasse. On the right is Paul Zerle, the second husband of Josefa Zerle.
He passed away on June 29, 1969.

Artur & 'Finni' at Christmas 2003.

'Sissi' and Andy at Christmas 2003.

"This is a photo from a holiday in Greece. From left to right, is Papa (Artur Steiner) and Mama (Josefine [Holtzhuer] Steiner. The next is Jürgen, my former boy friend. Then follows Günter Neider, a friend of Mama and Papa's. He died of cancer a few years ago. The next man is Athanasios, a greek friend of ours. The lady next is Bruni Neider, the wife of Günter. The last one is myself (Sigrid ["Sissi"] Steiner) in her best years."

"Finni" and "Kitti" -- 2004

Left to right: Josefine ("Finni") with pet cat, "Kitti", husband Artur Steiner, their daughter Jutta Lohner and her husband Claus Lohner. Other daughter, Sigrid (Sissi) Steiner with Isabella Lohner, Andy Kubis (Sissi's boy-friend), Emanuel Lohner, & Rafael Lohner.

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