Finni's Pictorial Album

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Compiled by Josefine "Finni" (nee Holtzhuer) Steiner

Courtesy of 'Finni', Artur & 'Sissi' Steiner & Andy Kubis

Germany -- May 2005
The house Winterstrasse 9, built in 1970, front view.
Back side of house.
Finni entering her garden, back of the house.
Finni taking a well deserved break.
More of the back yard garden.
Another view of the back yard garden.
In the garden.
Winterstrasse South.
Winterstrasse North.
Andy's car.
Sissi's car.
Artur Steiner
Finni's portrait
Finni in the kitchen.
Finni's sister Antonie ("Toni")
Finni & Antonie's mom.
The Lohner family.
Klaus and Jutta Lohner.
Isabella Lohner.
Rafael Lohner
Emanuel Lohner
Rafael, Andy, Sissi & Emanuel.
The dining room.
Another view of the dining room.
The kitchen.
Looking from the dining room into the kitchen
with Mama. Finni is in the kitchen behind Mama.
Kitti the cat.
Sissi in her office. (Note mural on right wall.)
In the stable at Biburg.
Sissi with "Salog", her horse.
In the mountains -- Partnachklamm,
(Klaus, Isabella, Emanuel, Andy)
In the Dolomites
Andy at the top of Watzmann
Mondspitze with Andy and his father
Suse, Andy's Mum
Skiing in Austria
Artur and Finni
Skiing with a lot of snow
(Artur, Sissi, Rafael, Finni)
Andy and Sissi
Artur and Sissi
Skiing in Austria
(Emanuel, Sissi, Jutta, Isabella)

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