A Soldier Speaks

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By Cpl. John M. Holman

Camp Atterbury, Indiana

October 1951

As I sit here listening, I hear the melodious chimes in the steeple of the church in the nearby town of Edinburg, Indiana. It gives an inspiration to the morality of the soul and increases the understanding of the church and what the church means to each one of us serving in whatever particular branch of the Armed Forces we are in. We also know that the church is as close to each one of us as the air we breathe and it breaches the ties between fellowmen.

Every soldier, sailor, and marine, each Sunday morning has his own Faith of which he may choose and has the Freedom to worship God in his own inimitable way. There is no power in the world which says what church he is impelled to attend.

There are also the Servicemen who can not go directly to church like you and I. They are the ones who have served their country beyond the call of normal duty and are now lying in an Army or Naval Hospital Ward unable to be up and around. However, their Faith has not waned for now they attend church by means of the radio which is beside their bed.

Church services are broadcast over every major network in the country and for the men fighting in Korea, the Armed Forces Radio Network beams Sunday morning worship services to those men in the foxholes and to the ships at sea by means of the shortwave radio.

So no matter where you may be, God and the Church is forever near you.

As the chimes fade away in the distance we come to the close of another Sunday morning worship service.

In six days, God made Heaven and Earth, and on the Sabbath day, He made it Holy.

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