A Letter From Germany

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By Arthur Leinwetter

Hampton Union

Ca. 1954

(The following letter written in Germany was received by Hampton Union nearly three weeks ago but difficulty in having it translated has delayed its publication: Editor)
Arthur Leinwetter at his shop
Arthur Leinwetter
at his bicycle shop, 1952.
[Translated from the German]
Donauworthstrasse 44
Augsburg, Germany
Dear Hampton Union,
I'm really not a stranger to you any more. I know you through my friend; John Holman, who was over here for two years in military service in my city. On September 4, 1952, you met me through an article he wrote for your paper, so I don't need to introduce myself further.

It's already a year since John and his wife, Connie, returned to the States and it seems only yesterday. We could never forget them, we were so fond of them. We couldn't help it.

I'm not a sentimental character, but those two anyone would love, and I send best wishes to the parents who raised them. I liked John's wife as much as I did John when I first met him. Both were very helpful to me with my American customers where my English wasn't so good. So sincere and always ready to help I have never seen, and I can see the wonderful training they had from childhood. And what father and mother wouldn't be proud of it!

America, the land of opportunity and progress, is for most of us a dreamland, which people in our circumstances can never reach.

There is so much kindliness in the letters I receive from John and Connie and John's mother, I felt I had to write you. If I should never have the opportunity to come to America to see my friends, and though we are separated by land and sea, my friendship will be always the same.

You should be proud to have such people in your midst. They are First Class Americans, honored and beloved over here.
With best regards, Yours, Arthur Leinwetter

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