1858 -- Hampton High Street Cemetery -- 1998

By John M. Holman, Contributing Writer

High Street Cemetery -- Est. 1858
High Street Cemetery -- Est. 1858

HAMPTON .... In 1858, land was purchased by the Town of Hampton for a cemetery on High Street, as Joseph Dow explained in his "History of Hampton, N.H. 1638 - 1892", Volume I on page 332, as follows:

"Land for the new cemetery, was bought in 1858, by Enoch P. Young, Uri Lamprey and Samuel D. Lane, committee for the town. A portion of it was laid out in 1859, and the remainder in 1866, the fence being extended, to include the whole. In 1868, maple trees were set out on all sides. The western gateway was opened, and the hearse-house built in 1874. The next year, a new hearse was procured, for five hundred dollars; and a hearse for winter use, in 1883."

The first interment in the High Street Cemetery was CHARLOTTE ("Lottie" on gravestone) ANN AKERMAN, buried January 3, 1859, daughter of Meshech S. and Mary A. (Dow) Akerman. Lottie died December 31, 1858, at 19 years 9 months. Engraved on her gravestone: "SHE IS NOT DEAD, BUT SLEEPETH".

Roger Syphers of the SYPHERS MONUMENT COMPANY in Hampton, has donated and installed a monument at the entrance to High Street Cemetery in the Memorial Section with the words inscribed "HIGH STREET CEMETERY 1858".

Lisa Alexandropolis donated a plaque in front of the tombstone which is inscribed as follows:

July 1819 -- Dec. 31, 1858
19 Years 9 mos.
First Interment in High St. Cem.
January 1859
Charlotte Ann Akerman
Charlotte ("Lottie") Ann Akerman

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