Traffic Beacon at High Street & Lafayette Road, ca. 1920s

By John M. Holman, Contributing Writer

Traffic Beacon, 1920s
The traffic signal in the center of town, 1920s, with the Lane Block at left, looking east on High Street from Lafayette Road
" ..... Increasing traffic in town led voters in 1924 to appropriate $795. for traffic beacons, two on Lafayette Road & High Street and another at "Elmwood Corner", junction of Winnacunnet Road and Landing Road." (Page 367 of Peter E. Randall's " HAMPTON: A Century of Town and Beach. 1888-1988 "**.)

Six years later, "The State designated Lafayette Road as its first 'through highway' in May 1930, meaning that all roads entering Lafayette Road would have to have stop signs (or Stop & Go lights). ..... In 1930, residents voted $600. to install a traffic light at the corner of Lafayette Road and High Street ....." (**Page 493). This action by the residents brought an end to the beacons.