Hampton Methodist Church Hymnal Singers

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Oceanside Grange Hears Singers

The Portsmouth Herald, Wednesday, March 19, 1969

[The following article is courtesy of The Portsmouth Herald]
Performing last night for the Oceanside Grange were members of the Hampton Methodist Church junior choir, the "Hymnal Singers." The group sang five selections for the Grange members, with accompaniment by John Holman.

HAMPTON -- The Hymnal Singers, junior choir of the Hampton Methodist Church, sang for the Oceanside Grange last night.

The group, organized last November, includes 22 youngsters from 10 to 15 years old.

The group has performed at a number of church functions and during the Christmas holiday season carolled throughout the Hamptons.

The choir, has raised its own funds to cover costs of choir pins and hymnals.

The hymnals, with the group's name engraved on the cover, were presented to the choir members by the Rev. Edward A. Milley, pastor, on March 9, 1969.

The Rev. Mr. Milley and his wife were in turn in made honorary members of the choir.

Under the direction of John & Connie Holman and Judy Mills, choir members who sang last night include Pamela and Nancy Lipe, Dale Trofatter, Betsy and David Hart, Debby Scott, Jay Daley, Gary Borgkvist, Melanie and Mark Holman, Laurie and Sue Dronsfield, Kevin Heath, Renee Tilton, Bruce Emery, Tammy Clay and Susan Larsen.

Hampton United Methodist Church

Front Row: Debra Scott, Betsy Hart, Nancy Lipe, Larry Hart, Dale Trofatter, Tammy Clay, Pam Lipe, Sue Dronsfield.
Middle Row: Debra Griffith, Bruce Emery, Jay Daly, Kevin Heath, Susan Larsen, Laurie Dronsfield, Mark Holman.
Back Row: Marie McLane, Dana Heath, Gary Borgkwist, Karen Cummings, Renee Weller, Renee Tilton, Laura Nelson.
Missing from photo: Melanie Holman, Dawn Brooks, Debra Grant, Gary Sawyer.
Directors: John M. Holman, Connie Holman & Judy Mills.

[Photo courtesy Hampton United Methodist Church and Laurie (Dronsfield) Dufour.]
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