Assisted Living Luxury at the Partridge House

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By Mark Chag Jr. , Atlantic News Staff Writer

Atlantic News, Friday, November 16, 2007

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News]

HAPPY TO HELP -- Standing near a lobby fireplace, Executive Director Denis Donovan oversees the day-to-day life for his guests, the residents at the Partridge House in Hampton.
[Atlantic News Photo by Mark Chag Jr.]
HAMPTON | Stepping through the front doors of the Partridge House in Hampton, one might believe he or she has arrived at the Ritz Carlton. Deep, plush couches are nestled near towering bookcases, as a warm fireplace glows nearby between soft, leather chairs. A grandfather clock welcomes visitors in the main lobby, where folks pass by on their way to an entertainment room that's equipped with a cinema and a leather-trimmed billiards table. Down the hall are a pub and a full-service salon, right next to the indoor heated pool and Jacuzzi. But this isn't a luxury hotel; it's all part of the beautiful accommodations available for Seniors at the Partridge House.

The home is part of the Connecticut-based company, Haven Healthcare, which has exquisite Senior-living complexes in all six New England states - including three in New Hampshire.

In all, there are 40 units at the Hampton location, providing both short-term and long-term residential housing for Seniors with special health care needs.

The luxurious lobby and ground floor social areas are just the beginning. The Partridge House's onsite medical and health care staff also provides round-the-clock, top-notch medical care for all residents, says Executive Director Denis Donovan.

As the elevator doors open onto the third floor, Donovan leads the way down the hall toward one of the many corner sitting rooms, where guests can relax with a book, or look outside across the scenery below.

"During the holidays, it's really beautiful here," Donovan says, gesturing out the windows that extend up toward the cathedral ceiling. "It's great to look out and see all the buildings lit up with Christmas lights."

Leading the way into an apartment, which is currently vacant, he notes how each resident has their own kitchenette, oversized bathroom with easy bathtub access and much more.

Next to both the bed and the bath are call-buttons to page a member of the health care staff when necessary. Residents can also wear wristbands with the same one-button service, so that they can receive immediate assistance from anywhere on the premises.

"They can push the button if there is a medical alert, or if they simply want a glass of water," Donovan says.

SHEER COMFORT -- Luxurious accommodations are just the beginning for residents at the Partridge House in Hampton.
[Atlantic News Photo by Mark Chag Jr.]

The dining room facilities offer a charming, relaxed and upscale atmosphere - so comfortable, in fact, that Donovan says that outside organizations often rent it out for private, catered functions.

Delicious dining is all part of daily life for the residents at the Partridge House.

Dietary Supervisor Michael Demeritt says that "it is all about the residents," and offers up personal specialties (including his delightful Swedish meatballs, chicken cordon bleu with lemon garlic butter sauce), and gets rave reviews for his beer-battered chicken.

After a meal like that, residents can burn off some calories in the full-service health and fitness center, or through the water therapy center in the heated pool.

"The pool is great too for the guests who come to visit," Donovan says, adding that it's a popular amenity - particularly in the cold winter months - for people to enjoy while visiting a relative.

Recreation Director Halley Stringham oversees the daily fitness and exercise classes, in addition to other activities to cater to "everyone's interests," she says.

The Partridge House has welcomed residents for the past nine years in Hampton, with small, large and apartment-sized units offering private accommodations for individuals and couples.

The luxurious comfort may be the initial draw, but the service appears to be what makes the Partridge House so special.

As Donovan continues down a hall, past an oversized-fish tank built into a wall, he passes an open door, stops abruptly, and steps backwards a pace. "Hello there!" he calls out to a resident inside, who offers her own warm "hello" back. Only after they exchange pleasantries does Donovan continue on his way.

HEATED FOR HEALTH -- The in-ground, indoor heated swimming pool at the Partridge House offers swimming and exercise for residents throughout the year.
[Atlantic News Photo by Mark Chag Jr.]

Units are currently available at the Partridge House, and Donovan is only too happy to give tours of the accommodations and seemingly limitless amenities.

More than a full-service health care center for those who require independent assisted living, it's also a place to call and feel at home.

For more information, call the Partridge House at (603) 929-3032, or stop in at 777 Lafayette Road in Hampton.

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