A Sweet Tradition for HA Students

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By Alexa LaMontagne, Blue Beacon Reporter

The Hampton Academy Blue Beacon

The Student Voice of Hampton Academy: A Middle School

[The following article is courtesy of The Blue Beacon]

Marelli's owners Richard and Tru Marelli pose in front of the popular candy display in their store. Hampton Academy students have been going to Marelli's for years for their large selection of affordable sweets.

Marelli's Market. Those two words mean the world to many Hampton Academy kids. Walk through the door and the first thing you see are rows and rows of candy stretching towards the ceiling and far into the back. Once the spree has begun, one discovers that nothing costs too much, with many of the candies and sweets under 50 cents, and many under 10 cents. Your pockets, rattling with change walking in, are silent walking out, while your hands grasp a bag chock-full of sweets. That happens every day at Marelli's.

Marelli's first started with Italian immigrants Luigi and Celestina Marelli. They met in New Hampshire, married, and began a fruit and grocery store called Marelli's Fruit Store in the early 1900's. They had four kids, Jeannie, Robert, Francis, and Richard. Over the years they had much success and began to realize the "Great American Dream." Sadly, in 1959, Luigi passed away and Celestina passed away 1983. They had lived happy and fulfilling lives and now, Marelli's fell into the hands of their kids.

Since then, Marelli's has continued the family legacy, selling peanuts, soda and other cold drinks, hot, roasted nuts, various snacks, and of course "penny" candy (Luigi's favorite). The most popular of course being the penny candy. Kids of every age have journeyed to Marelli's to look at the wondrous display of candy that covers an entire wall.

"That is the best candy store on the planet, whoever that Mr. Marelli is, he's a genius!" said Ryan Doherty.

One of the best parts is that you can get a ton of candy for less than half of an average allowance.

"I think that you can get a lot of candy for a little amount of money. Also, the people that work there are really, really nice." said Kim Newcomb.

"It's the best!" exclaimed seventh grader Dan Dion.

I personally have made the pilgrimage to Marelli's and have gotten a bagful of candy for a dollar.

Some of their delicacies include Double Bubble blowing gum, chocolate coins, Hershey's chocolate bars, airheads, pushpops, ring pops, and so much more.

"My kids really like to go there. They have a great candy selection and my kids enjoy picking out the candy even more then eating it," said Spanish/French teacher Mrs. Booth.

As much as Hampton Academy is a town landmark, so is Marelli's. Did you know that the square across from the store is called Marelli's Square? Marelli's has called Hampton home for over 100 years. The owners and about 99% of the kids in Hampton hope it will stay for another 100.

"If it (Marelli's) closes, there will be no joy in the world," said seventh grader Darrius Wiggins.

Many of the students in Hampton Academy agree. Marelli's is a great hangout for after school and without it, many students would not have a place to just chill. Ever since the close of 7-11 last year, the business in Marelli's has boomed.

Where other place in Hampton can you get food that suits an average kid's budget?

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