Eight Winds Wellness Center & Spa

By Toby Hatchett

Hampton Union, Tuesday, May 8, 2007

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Marie Corey, lead nail technician at Eight Winds Spa and Hair Studio, applies layers of organic resin, glue and powder, which are made of vitamins, minerals and fish bone, to customer Linda Gouette.
[Photo Scott Yates]

This spa is a dream come true," said owner, Julie Lewis, of Eight Winds Wellness Center and Spa in Hampton.

"Who wouldn't want to come to work every day and be in an oasis, not just for myself but for the community?"

This oasis offers many, many ways to de-stress, for an hour or a whole day. Lewis said de-stressing keeps people healthier and happier, too.

Lewis has lived in Hampton for the last 20 years and spent summers on the Seacoast when she was growing up in Massachusetts. She trained to become a licensed massage therapist. Before opening Eight Winds two years ago, she had worked at Wentworth-by-the-Sea Hotel.

"The time was right for us to open the spa," Lewis explained. "We are the only full-service spa on the Seacoast."

As the needs of the patrons grow, so is the spa growing. Lewis now has five hair-stylists. One of the stylists is offering organic hair color which comes from France. There is no ammonia in the hair color. The product is derived from minerals.

"The color is permanent, about the same cost as the other hair color products," Lewis said. "I had my own hair colored with the organic product, and it feels more conditioned."

Get ready for what else Eight Winds offers. It sounds incredible, but it's true. Organic artificial nails. The glue that is used is made from pulverized fish bone, the same thing hospitals use as glue. This way, by not being acrylic, the nails can breathe and grow because the nail bed is not adversely affected with chemicals. It is all natural.

"This method actually puts vitamins into the nail bed," Lewis explained, "and your own nails grow faster and healthier."

And, the cost is the same as the acrylic method.

Eight Winds is not just for women. Men love it, too. Lewis said about one-third of the patrons are men.

"They love it here," Lewis said. "We have a men's room and a women's room. It's completely private for the men to have a manicure and pedicure, as well as massage.

Each patron is given a robe and slippers. You can chill in the relaxation room, which has a water fall, or sit in the café bistro for a healthy lunch or snack.

"Massage is the biggest draw," Lewis said. "The basic de-stress massage is very popular."

In addition to the de-stress massage, there is also deep tissue massage and hot stone massage. There are many different kinds of facial and skin treatments.

One of the most exotic and interesting services is the JAMU Asian spa treatments. The products are all from Bali.

"The owner of this company, JAMU, is Kim Collier," said Lewis. She worked for the Four Seasons resort in Bali before starting her own product line." Om Suasti Astu. Translated from the Balinese language, this means "peace in your heart, and in the world." The name of the products, JAMU, translates as herbal remedies for health and beauty. The company puts back into the community what it gets, supporting the local villages and preserving the indigenous and inspiration of Asia.

Lewis trained four days in New York City with the owner of the company, Kim Collier.

"It is an amazing product line," Lewis said. "We begin with a sea salt scrub, then there is an aromatic shower and ending with a massage, using the products."

These three-level spa treatments cost $120 for 75 minutes and $140 for 90 minutes.

"The Bali sea and flower ritual is our signature treatment," said Lewis. This includes hand-sifted, sun dried sea salts, flower petals and Bali flower massage oil.

Another very popular spa treatment is the JAMA Coconilla scrub. The skin is scrubbed with fresh coconut, rice and vetiver (similar to sandalwood). After a shower with coconilla, the massage uses the same coconilla oils.

Eight Winds also offers holistic mental health services. Founder and director of Graceful Awakenings is Jeanette "Gi" Indoccio. Indoccio has a mater's degree in applied psychology, is a clinical hypnotherapist, a reiki master teacher and a certified life coach.

"This is a great accompaniment to our spa," said Lewis. "We all work together to offer our patrons total health and wellness."

Through Graceful Awakenings, one can learn to stop smoking or lose weight through guided imagery and hypnotherapy. Other alternative holistic therapies include reiki, life coaching, ear coning, meditation and breathwork.

Memberships are also available to Eight Winds. There is no annual fee, but instead you book 12 appointments during the year. With membership, one receives a $50 gift certificate and 15 percent off all products sold at the spa.

To find out more about the many services offered at the wellness center and spa, check out the Web site.

"We aim to be a real oasis for the Seacoast," Lewis said. "The time is right for a full-service spa in our community."