Cogent Products Offers Services For Inventors and Businesses

Atlantic News, November 20, 2003, p.29A

HAMPTON — Cogent Products is a new company located in Hampton that has been created to serve as a vehicle that will enable inventors, single product entrepreneurs and small businesses to bring their product to market.

Owner David Allen has established a hands-on product development facility that offers the full range of services from initial concept work through warehousing and distribution. Cogent Products offers a menu of services that an individual can pick and choose from based on their level of participation to achieve the goal of reaching the marketplace with a commercially viable product.

Cogent Products will offer services and facilities to individuals or small companies. These people will enjoy the benefits of having their own fee for use “virtual “development, production and fulfillment facility without having to service the ongoing fixed expenses that are incurred with a brick and mortar operation. Anyone with an idea they think would be a good product is welcome to contact Cogent Products.

It is Mr. Allen’s belief that this service will especially benefit individuals who ordinarily would not be able to undertake such an operation by themselves. It offers the opportunity to enter the marketplace and provide employment for them as well as create the possibility of employment for others. Cogent Products has been in contact with regional business development centers, such as SCORE, Small Business Development Center, and the Rockingham, Portsmouth and Dover Economic Development Centers. These offices will be able to use Cogent Products as a referral service for people who are looking to start a product based business.

Cogent Products, Inc was originally formed to provide a business framework for the Mr. Allen’s own inventions. The first invention, the Helper’s Handle Push Bar is a child’s bicycle safety device. This invention has been brought to market, and is being sold in a number of different venues. During the year that was spent in undertaking production and marketing research he was frequently approached by people who had an idea that they thought would be successful, but they lacked the knowledge or facilities to pursue their idea. It soon became evident to Mr. Allen that there was a need for someone to offer a service that would help people to explore the avenues that could lead to launching a product. To that end it was decided that Cogent Products would offer these services.

Mr. Allen emphasizes that the process of bringing a product from an idea to finished product can be long and will have a number of costs involved. One of the most important services is the initial concept viability study; very few ideas actually make it past the concept stages. Cogent Products will not go forward with any concept that does not have the chance of success. There are no guarantees of entering a market, but by stressing expectations Cogent Products offers services for inventors and businesses based on reality rather than hype a greater chance of success will result.

Unlike other inventor’s service companies Cogent Products will not take a percentage of the idea nor do they make promises that the idea will sell gazillions of units in exchange for high upfront fees. That being said, there are thousands of products that are introduced every year. Many of these come from individuals and small businesses. With a well thoughtout concept attention to detail and hard work an idea can become a reality.

History of David Allen's Invention

HAMPTON — Cogent Products is the new venture of Exeter resident David Allen, the former owner of Sweet Flours in Hampton. David, along with his wife Teryn started the bakery business in 1995 as a strictly wholesale operation serving restaurant and hotels. As it grew, a new location was built and a retail store added. They also came to specialize in wedding cakes delivering up to ten cakes a weekend all over the seacoast region. Recently, the business was sold to allow Cogent products to develop and to create more time for family.

The Allen family lives on a busy street near downtown Exeter. When the oldest son, Jackson moved from a tricycle to a bicycle with training wheels it was a big day. Now he could ride to the park, downtown and to the library. There was plenty of ambition but there was a lack of stamina — his parents found themselves pushing Jackson bent over at an uncomfortable angle. In addition, when crossing busy streets or going down hill, control of the bike was a major worry.

It had been observed that tricycles from Europe sometimes had a push bar. David decided that the idea of a push bar could be incorporated onto a bicycle. Using the poles from an old tent, a push bar was created and attached to the bike. As time went by various modifications were made such as the ability to easily attach and remove the handle and to be able to adjust the length of the bar to accommodate people of different heights.

Now, traveling up and down the busy roads of Exeter was a joy. Going across busy roads, up and down hills in an upright comfortable position was the norm. When Jackson decided he was too tired to INVENTION FROM 29A keep pedaling, no problem, keeping the bike moving requires very little effort. The range of adventure was also greatly increased. With the knowledge that keeping the child on the bike and happy was an easy task, the walks around town increased in scope.

From the outset, there was appreciation for the push bar from other parents. Many times the parents asked where they could acquire one. The seed was planted, it was decided that the Push Bar would be produced and marketed. It took 14 months of late nights working after the family went to bed to get all of the details in line. Finally all of the components were in place. An assembly/ warehouse facility was leased in Hampton and Cogent products was on its way. The product is just starting to be marketed. it can be found on various Web-based retailer sites. It will be seen in children’s catalogues and there is talk of exporting it to Japan.

Cogent Products, Inc. is located at 4 Merrill Industrial Drive, Suite 107 in Hampton. For more information, call 758-1150 or fax (603)758.1151