Records of the Bride Hill Cemetery, Hampton, New Hampshire>

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View of the Bride Hill Cemetery on November 19, 2002

This cemetery was previously visited by Eaton, Folsom, and Bartlett. Inclusive dates: 1782-1890. It is located on the south side of Exeter Road not far from the Exeter town line. View a map. [Data verified on site in 1986 and in v.2 of Vital Records of Hampton, New Hampshire to the end of the year 1900 by George Freeman Sanborn Jr. and Melinde Lutz Sanborn.]

Jeremiah Sanborn, born July [6, 1790 died Sept. 22, 1830] AE. 40] [Section in brackets is illegible in 1986 and is taken from Eaton, Folsom, and Bartlett].

Four unmarked graves here.

In Memory of Mr. Simon Taylor who Died July 15, 1782 In the 23[rd year] of his Age. [Words in brackets are illegible in 1986 and are taken from Eaton, Folsom, and Bartlett].

Phebe, widow of Joseph Stevens, died Apr. 20, 1842; AE. 91 yrs. & 8 mos.

Samuel D, son of A.C. & Caroline D. Taylor, died Dec. 8, 1855, aged 8 mo.

Ella Maria, daughter of A.C. & Caroline D. Taylor, died Apr. 10, 1852 aged 1 mo. & 2 ds. "Sleep dear babe and take thy rest. God called thee home, and thought it best."

Henry D. Taylor, Died Jan. 3, 1803; AE. 57 yrs.

Susannah, widow of Henry D. Taylor, died Mar. 14, 1814; AE. 72 yrs.

James M., Son of Saml. D. & Phebe Taylor, died May 7, 1818; AE. 1 yr. & 3 mo. "Rest little one, forever rest, Though parents weep below, Safe in the bosom of thy God, No sorrow shall thou know."

Sewall, son of Samuel D. & Phebe Taylor, died May 10, 1830; AE. 20 yrs. & 10 ds.

Samuel D. Taylor, Died Nov. 14, 1853, aged 67 yrs. 4 mos.

Phebe, widow of Samuel D. Taylor, Died Apr. 28, 1859, aged 72 yrs.

Charles E. Son of Alba C. & Caroline D. Taylor, died at Wilmington Del. Feb. 23, 1873, AEt. 22 yrs. 6 mos.

Hon. Tristram Shaw, Born At Hampton May 23, 1786, & Died At Exeter, March 14, 1843, Aged 57. "He was a Representative of this STATE, in the 27th Congress of the UNITED STATES."

Unmarked grave

In Memory of Mrs. Mary Shaw 2nd wife of Mr. Jonathan Shaw Decd 1780, Who was first the wife of Mr. Jabez James Decd 1752. She Died June 18, 1795 In the 76 Year of Her Age.

To the memory of Col. Benjamin Shaw, who died April 1, 1825, aged 69 years.

Mary, widow of Col. Benjamin Shaw, died Aug. 3, 1846, AEt. 89.

Rhoda, widow of Josiah Shaw, Died May 10, 1871, aged 73 yrs. 3 ms.

Footstone: Mrs. Susann Sha[broken]

Alba Clark 1803-1824 [Footstone is all that exists in 1986. Bartlett in 1918 and Eaton in 1932 found the following stone "Sacred to the memory of Alba Clark who died Jan. 1, 1824 aged 20 yrs. 4 m & 23 d." Folsom in 1938 also found this and recorded it as "Sacred to the memory of Alba Clark who d. Jan 1, 1824 ae 20 yrs 4 ms 23 ds." This stone was not to be found in 1986.]

To the memory of Mr. Lucian French, who died March 19, 1828, Aged 25 yrs.

Benjamin, Son of Tristam & Mary Shaw, Died Sept. 13, 1831, Aged 1 year & 10 mo's. "So fades the lovely blooming flower; Frail smiling solace of an hour; So soon our transient comforts fly, And pleasure only blooms to die."

Jeremiah F. son of Josiah & Rhoda Shaw, died Sep. 25, 1856, aged 37 y'rs.

Four unmarked graves here

Footstone: A.C.

Click for larger image of Bride Hill signUnmarked grave

Lydia, Wife of Josiah Shaw, died Mar. 14, 1829; aged 61 yrs.

Josiah Shaw, Died April 12, 1832; aged 65 yrs.

Two unmarked graves here.

Elizabeth widow of Jesse Sanborn, Died Apr. 18, 1865, aged 85 yrs.

[On one stone] Father. Thomas L. Sanborn Died Oct. 4, 1890
Ann M. 1834 - 1852,
Andrew J. 1841 - 1864.

Mother. Abigail, wife of Thomas Sanborn, Died Aug. 29, 1852, aged 52 y'rs.

Ann Maria Wife Of George W. Dow April 10, 1834 June 6, 1852

Mother. Sarah, widow of Benj. T. Silver, Died Mar. 31, 1873, aged 84 yrs.

The following two graves were found by Folsom in 1937, but not by Bartlett in 1918 or Eaton in 1932. They were not there in 1986. In 2013 a researcher discovered that these two graves are located a mile or two away in Exeter in a small family plot at the Corner of Guinea Road and Exeter Farms Road.

Lieut. Jeremiah Robinson d. Oct 6, 1842 ae 81 yrs.

Mrs. Mary wife of Lieut. Jeremiah Robinson d. Aug 14, 1836 ae 74 yrs.