"A Descendent Of The Oldest Hampton Family"

Hampton Union, Thursday, October 6, 1971, {Page 3}

HAMPTON --Eighty-three year old Florence Lamprey of 297 Winnacunnet Road in Hampton moved to Hampton at the age of six. Born in Hampton Falls, she is a descendent of the oldest family in Hampton.

Settling here in 1647, the Browns are certainly an old established family.

Florence Brown Lamprey moved to Hampton at an early age. She grew up in the house next to the one in which she is now residing. Her husband, a retired painter, died earlier this summer. [Arthur B. Lamprey died July 1, 1971]

They moved to this house in 1916. A most curious thing about the house is the fact that there is a large attachment to the house.

The large Shaw house which was once on the hill behind Mrs. Lamprey's house was moved down and is attached to her house. However, the old Shaw house had been converted into a barn.

This house of the Shaw's was built in 1894 and is what looks like a "wallpapered barn". One can see the timber that was put in with wooden pins. Also made from the Shaw house were horse stalls, a cow stall, grain room, and pig pen included.

Florence Lamprey is the ninth generation of the Brown's family tree. She has seen many changes in Hampton. A great change is that in the contact between neighbors.

In older times, neighbors used to visit each other much more often. Today with the population having grown so much in Hampton, there is not as much communication with one's neighbors. Automobiles have replaced much of the contact.

One no longer walks down the street visiting or saying hello to neighbors as in older times.

Florence Lamprey still sees old friends. She had a party recently for Belle Perkins, holder of the Boston Post Cane and sees Mrs. Irene Burnham, the good samaritan from time to time.

A lovely woman in a most extraordinary house. The old Shaw house, now a barn, was built on the Lamprey's house in 1890. Nowadays barns are converted into houses, but how rare it is to see a house converted into a barn. Only in Hampton!

Obituary of Florence Lamprey

Hampton Union, September 19, 1984, {Page 5}

HAMPTON -- Mrs. Florence Lamprey, 96, formerly of Winnacunnet Road, died Sunday, September 16 at Exeter Health Care Inc. after a lengthy illness.

She was the widow of Arthur Lamprey.

Mrs. Lamprey was born in Hampton Falls April 7, 1888, daughter of [Lewis] Herman and Mary (Gove) Brown and had resided in Hampton since she was six years of age.

Funeral services will be held today at 2 p.m. at the Ronald A. Remick Funeral Home, 811 Lafayette Road, Hampton.

Burial will be in the High Street Cemetery.