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Hampton Computer president has led a dynamic life

By Mike Bisceglia

Seacoast Scene, October 1-7, 2015

[The following article is courtesy of the Seacoast Scene]
David Longo

HAMPTON - "I estimate that I've had about 21 relocations in my life," said David Longo, President and General Manager of Hampton Computer LLC, "I've been here living in Hampton now for 25 years, so chances are excellent that I'm here in town for the duration.

Longo, a third-generation Sicilian-American, remembers hearing his grandparents' stories of their arrival at Ellis Island in the 1890's. Seemingly, the choice of where they would live and how they would earn a living were determined on the spot.

"An official announced that those who had meat cutting experience should get into this line. My grandfather did, and soon enough, the family was living in Buffalo.

Amazingly, my grandmother was one of the first women in the state of New York to obtain a driver's license. She had to have it, because the family had moved into the importing business."

"Her son, my dad, went on to graduate from Harvard, and encouraged me to continue in school to get an education. Since I was living in the Massachusetts area, I opted to attend St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH. While there, an amazing thing happened. I was majoring in history and politics and I was assisting in the newly-created computer lab with the introduction of PC's in the early 80's. My name must have been mentioned to major media sources, because I was approached to help cover the New Hampshire Presidential Primary and, after a successful assignment, was asked to stay on to cover the 1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco. When it ended, I was asked to help work the Republican Convention in Dallas."

When continued to work with ABC on media coverage of the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, with Ronald Regan in 1985. David was the news assistant for the Evening News with Peter Jennings. In addition, he helped with Nightline with Ted Koppel and to take care of Roone Arledge, the President of ABC News and Sports.

After graduation from college in 1984, Longo continued in broadcast media and took the opportunity to work in cable television for 11 years. During the infancy of this new medium, Longo grew professionally by being able to work with industry pioneers, such as" Ted Turner, John Malone, Barry Diller and other giants in the field.

Longo began to yearn for a slower pace. He found he wanted to help people and work in the community without being affiliated with the financial pressure of a corporate giant.

"I guess some network people must have taken a liking to me, or thought I could go on to start something special, because the ABC Financial Comptroller gave me $5,000 to start my new life. I have always appreciated that gesture and never forgot the goodwill of others."

"Early on, I owned two sports collectables shops. At one point, I had over one million trading cards, but I saw that the computer industry was growing, and I went in that direction. I didn't know anything about fixing computers, but I self-taught myself and continued to learn as the industry has changed over the past 20o years.  I'm very please with how my life has progressed."

David, a 15-year member of the Rotary Club, is a past president and a chair for the golf tournament for several of those years.

For the past ten years, Longo has participated in "Locks for Life." ." Essentially, it means that he grows his hair long and then donates his cut of 10 inches of natural hair to children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

"My wife , Katherine, and I adopted our daughter, Amanda, from China in 2005. The Chinese government adoption organization cut the hair of the girls to be adopted out. It seemed so hard to look at the girls and see that they closely resembled infant boys, so I decided I would cut my own short so we could both grow our out together. It was then that I decided I would cut my hair and make donations of it.

Longo, a self-proclaimed multi-tasker, finds the Hampton area to be a perfect fit for both he and his family. "We are busy folks. With school, work and other activities, we seem to be always on the go. There is, however, a tranquility to the region that is very soothing. I'm very appreciative of that calm as much as I appreciated all that Hampton has to offer."

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