Ashworth Avenue Dedicated At Beach

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Hampton Union

Thursday, August 29, 1957

George Ashworth
Dedication ceremonies and the cutting of the ribbon by Precinct Commissioner Alfred Gagne marked the official name changing of Marsh avenue to its present name of Ashworth avenue, in honor of the late Col. George Ashworth.

The eulogy on the life of Col. Ashworth was given by James W. Tucker, Sr., a long time friend of the colorful beach business man.

Preceding the ceremony, many friends of the late Colonel were introduced by William I. Elliot, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and master of ceremonies for the occasion.

In his remarks, Mr. Tucker told a large beach audience, "We are gathered here for a brief moment tonight to pay fitting tribute to the memory of one of the best known Beach pioneers. That tribute will take the form of dedicating a principal street in his honor.

"Many of you, within the sound of my voice, knew the man. Some of you, who are now adults, knew him when you were children. On special occasions, he usually was present on this bandstand which, by the way, has stood on this same spot for nearly 60 years.

"If it happened to be a bright afternoon on July 21 -- the date on which Children's Day was usually celebrated -- a battered slouch hat was pulled down over his eyes to shield them from the sun. In his left hand he held his inevitable cigar and with his right hand, he grasped firmly the head of the cane which he generally carried, for his knees were wracked and bent with painful rheumatism. He was a beloved and familiar figure -- here, and elsewhere."

Col. George Ashworth in front of Avon Hotel with Avon staff, date unknown.
(Photos courtesy Norman Grandmaison, Ashworth By-The-Sea Hotel)

Photo left to right: Ralph Moulton, "Bill" Elliot, & Col. George Ashworth
(with cane & hat in hand) on bandstand.
Possibly sale of Ashworth Hotel from Col. Ashworth to Ralph Moulton, with female entourage
possibly waitresses at Ashworth Hotel, date unknown.
(Photos courtesy Norman Grandmaison, Ashworth By-The-Sea Hotel)
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