Help name Brad's next book!

Hampton author Brad Boucher recently spoke at the library about his love of horror and suspense fiction and the challenges and rewards of writing in that genre.  As a surprise to his audience, he revealed at the end of his talk that he is holding a "Name My Next Book!" contest to celebrate the publication of his newest fiction work this summer in Nook and Kindle format.  How does it work?  Based on the plot details below, create a title for the book and email it to the author at  On June 15th, 2013, Brad will choose one of the entries as the title of his new book.  The winner will also receive credit for their title in the opening pages of the novel, a character named after them within the book itself, and a gift card to be used at a local Hampton restaurant.

Plot details:
In the small quarry-town of Glen Forest, New Hampshire, a terrible evil is about to rise again after centuries of dormancy.  It is a spirit without mercy, a creature as old as the world itself, and no modern weapon can defeat it.  It is what the ancient Eskimo Indian tribes called the Demon of the Wind, and only one man knows its secrets.  His name is John Artarqua, a young Aleut Eskimo who has studied the legends and culture of his people for his entire life.  He has never fully believed the legends, viewing them as just superstition and folklore, but now he is about to come face to face with the truth behind the stories of his youth.  Armed with the talismans of the dying shaman of his tribe, John must overcome his own doubt in order to survive ...

All suggestions will be considered, and Brad promises that one of the entries will indeed become the new title!  For those interested in reading Brad's previous books Diviner, Curnow's Crossing, and The Shoals, they are available from the library on one of our circulating Nook e-readers. 

[Editor's note: The contest is now over and the book title has been chosen.]