You've never read anything like "The October List"

The October List book jacketI'll bet you've never read a book like Jeffery Deaver's newest. The adjective "clever" comes to mind. "The October List" is a novel of suspense written in a most unusual style. Like the movie "Memento" (which we have on DVD and is worth a watch), this book starts at the end of the story and moves backward in time, leaping to earlier points in the main characters' lives. After reading the first chapter the story appears to end in a huge cliffhanger, but by the time you finish the book I guarantee you'll figure it all out. Although if you're like me, this won't happen without having to go back and reread some chapters a few times as further clues to the puzzle that is this story are revealed. This is one book I wouldn't want to listen to in its audio version. It would be too difficult to go back and re-listen to some sections!

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